Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pomp and circumstance

Number One Son takes to the stage to shake the dust off his feet.*

The popularity contest called high school in America, has ended for Number One and in a symbolic gesture, after receiving his diploma, he paused, tapped the toe of his shoe and moved on.

This symbolic gesture was noticed but no one other than myself and the wife seemed to understood what he did. The "shaking the dust off" was his silent protest of the clics, the school authoritah and the overall BS experience that he lived through. (Oh, the stories I could tell.)

As I explained to sons #1 and #2, a school is a bureaucracy with fiefdoms and power to wield. And this school has done well in that category.

I don't understand all the crying that went on at the ceremony. I have a theory, though. All of these big fish (students) in this little pond are moving on, some to bigger ponds, where they won't be the big fish anymore. I predict that some of them will not succeed.

Others who have worked hard and not lived on their popularity, will thrive. They are the survivors. If we still have a country in ten to twenty years, it will be interesting to see who does well.

Good luck to the class of 2010 - you'll need it. (And God help us if this is the best we can produce.)

*(See Mark 6:11 for reference)

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