Monday, May 24, 2010

Scholarships - the search continues

Number One Son and I have spent many an hour on scholarship searches. Working on essays, with his writing and my critiquing, followed by more and more re-writes until I think it's good. He was awarded one a few weeks ago, and one last week. He came up empty on those the high school administers. We have more to submit by the end of the month and are waiting to hear back from those we submitted the past couple of months.

Over at Scholarships and grants and on other sites, we found a few of the more unusual scholarships that we could apply for. Some that were way out of the "normal" category of minority, women or disabled.

One was for the child of a convicted drug dealer - Nope, don't qualify.

Another was for a young man that was 6' 2" or taller - Sorry, wrong genes.

Along the same lines, we found one for those students who are 4' 10" or shorter - If he has started smoking a few years ago maybe that would've stunted his growth enough.

We found many scholarships for gay or lesbian students (not that there's anything wrong with that). But we found one for a student whose father was gay.

My response was that I wasn't going to take one for the team. Sorry kid.

We have more scholarship applications to submit throughout the summer, so we'll stick with those and continue to look for more.

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