Thursday, August 19, 2010

Almost empty nest

This past weekend I was in the back yard picking beans while the neighbor was working on his house. We both took a break and were talking in the shade when the neighbor asked, "What's that noise?"

"Those are wrens," I replied and pointed to the bird house we put up on the garage. I have never before witnessed what happened next. The mother bird shoved the baby out. Gave him the old bums rush right out the hole.

It "flew" about 20 feet to the ground and over to the neighbor's garage. She then shoved the second one out which flew over to my house and proceeded to hop up the stucko. Never saw that before, either.

All the while her mate was chattering around us, she booted her little ones out to the world. This is the second batch of birds from the pair this year and I've watched them on the first set, feeding and caring for the young after giving them the heave-ho. At least until they are truly ready to live on their own.

Parallel to the Mrs. and I sending #1 son off to college? - yeah. We intend to keep an eye on him until he truly earns his wings. He's got some freedom of at least what he can handle right now. But another tie to him: he hated being woke up at first light by their chattering. Wrens are loud, especially when the world is quiet at the dawn. Growing up, they made a good alarm clock for me.

This bird house is one that he and I built 8 or 9 years ago and put it up under the eave of the garage. We built a similar one for my mother and soon after we put it up for her, a couple moved in and the house was occupied for several years. But ours has been vacant until this year. I made sure that wasps stayed out but it was always empty. I almost forgot it was there.

I guess it finally "aged" enough for a pair to move in.

Either that or their standards finally sunk to our level.

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