Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall planting season

Stranded's Tree Farm

We've transplanted some of our hard maple starts this past weekend. These came from our two maples at the homestead that were planted through a cooperative agreement with our electric company about 15 years ago. From a humble 8 feet, they're now +/-30 ft and very nicely shaped. (The homestead trees, not the transplants.)

I planted them as taught by my dad: fill the hole with water and let it soak away, then plant the tree and strip all but a few leaves off. I surrounded the trees with a cage in an attempt to keep deer out. We'll see how well my efforts play out down the road.

I also planted a couple of hackberry volunteers that came from my neighbor's tree. Not a favorite for homeowners, but my dad made a few pieces from it's lumber and they turned out well. In the spring, I pulled one out of the ground and planted it and it's doing well in it's new environment, so a couple more should do okay.

I've got several more transplants that I could take down, but I don't have the area cleared off and ready.

Running out of steam...

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