Saturday, September 3, 2011

I think I'll invite myself over...

This whole kerfunkle over Obama's speech to Congress about jobs or something is similar to if I invited myself over to Sam's house for dinner. Now Sam's a polite guy and offers up a day that's works out better for him, after all, it is his house. But I object because my son has a band concert that evening and I like a big dinner. It could be that I run out of time to finish the peach cobbler for desert and I'd miss the first stanza. My buddies at the local gossip page at the paper run a story about the dust-up and everyone takes sides. Both of us are accused of being unreasonable although the paper never seems to take Sam's side.

The above scenario didn't happen because I'm not quite that big of an ass. But really, is it any different?

Just because a president demands an audience with Congress, it's still their house and why would they be under any obligation to accommodate any president and not pick fights with the ones I disagree with.

President Tee-Time could have done the polite thing and ask to address Congress and he and Boehner could have worked something out between rounds.

Besides, is anybody really going to care whether the fresh-from-vacation president speaks from the Oval Office or from the podium while blocking Biden from reading from the teleprompter?

Not that Biden can read all the big words anyway...

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