Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baling hay in December?

It's the middle of December and I baled hay this past weekend. No - not really. But I pulled a bale of hay from the tractor on Sunday.

Well, it seemed like it was a bale after finding field mice had invaded the space between the radiator and grill on the Farmall H.

Cute things, with their big brown eyes staring at me and my pest repellent spray I doused them with in order to drive them from their abode. I really didn't want to take the grill off without getting them out of there.

The nest of grass and fur was packed about half-way up the radiator. After I cleaned things out, I discovered the radiator really needing a proper cleaning. Years of dust had clogged about 20% of the radiator.

Another job needing done.

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