Friday, July 20, 2012

I gotta take him at his word, right?

"You didn't build that." - Obama
"That's news to me." - Stranded
Whether or not we take his words out of context is irrelevant to me. The overall context is his basic lack of understanding how businesses in this country are built and run. What is also clear is that when he "wings it" during a speech, he can step in it and deep, proving he isn't a very smart politician. 

In politics, one of the basic rules to follow is never give your opponent an opportunity for gain. Obama gave Romney a nice sound-bite that will get plenty of mileage. Sure it won't sway the base, but if a couple of big money people (that may or may not have built their business, BTW) think twice about a boneheaded statement, then he falls behind in fundraising and that's the mother's milk in politics.

I'm sure he believes no one can get ahead without help from another entity. His full statement makes reference to government being the one providing that help. I agree with him to some extent, because I got help from the bank and experience from years of working along side my father, grandfather, brother, neighbors..... (you get the point).  Sam gave me a start on some trees this year as well. Quite a few non-government people helped us with Camp Stranded.
The biggest hindrance so far has been a couple of government agencies that keep hounding me. The USDA seems to think I can't make a success without their help. The bureaucrats can't understand that there are some people who don't want their "assistance". That is the root of Obama's philosophy because he's surrounded himself with people who would not have been successful without some sort of government assistance. Whether that be college grants, low interest loans or a successful court ruling.

I don't think he knows someone who got ahead by the sweat of their own work, risking their livelihoods against failure. I doubt he knows anyone who failed and hit rock-bottom, then turned things around and succeeded. Through failure one finds success. With a safety net or an inherent "too big to fail" philosophy, big government can step in to even the playing field. And government meddling breeds mediocrity.

We at Camp Stranded are going to continue to thumb our noses at the federal Bureau of Intervention. Despite bureaucratic meddlers, we are going to "not build" our small business.

Tomorrow, I'm going to "not clear" tree rows, "not mow" the fence line and "not replace" oil in the brush cutter.

Wait a minute. If I haven't built anything so far, why am I putting the work in? Maybe I'll take the day off and sign up for commodity payments. But if I do that, who's going to cut my weeds, Tom Vilsack? He's a little busy trying to make it rain.
“I get on my knees every day,” Vilsack told reporters at the White House today. “And I’m saying an extra prayer now. If I had a rain prayer or a rain dance I could do, I would do it.”
Wait, I thought the Democrats wanted a separation of church and state.

Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Never Been Involved in Agriculture

Thanks for the help, Tom.

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