Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another busy week unfolded at Camp Stranded

After the 5+ inches of rain on the 17th, we've had to keep an eye on the local rivers. Standing by with sandbags and ready to evacuate friends and neighbors to higher ground. Below is an indication of the rollercoaster we had to monitor near Camp Stranded.

A creek to the east of the property overflowed on the 17th closing off one neighbor's property for most of the day and into the 18th. A few inches more and it would have been over the road and this would have restricted us to only one access to the property, nearly causing Camp Stranded to be truly stranded.

We still have some roads under water to the south and west of us but the week ahead looks to be dry.

On the political front, Des Moines is quiet with nothing leaving committee. I truly believe that the number of calls and emails our representatives received was overwhelmingly against any new restrictions on our liberties. Despite the so-called polls that favored more gun control.

With the criminals in DC failing in their attempts to pass background checks etc. we have some relief. But just as we have to remain vigilant against the flood waters of the Iowa and English rivers that I live by, we need to keep an eye on the cesspools on the Potomac and the Des Moines rivers.

A couple more days at my paying job this week and I'm already hankering to return to the place. Truthfully, I was ready to get back before Monday started.

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