Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Professor Hoplophobe

Iowa State Professor, Warren J. Blumenfeld, laments the fact that businesses engage in firearm promotions to generate sales. Reiterating the tired CDC gun death numbers while ignoring firearms used for protection, he wishes for a utopian society where guns are no more.

With a traditional gratuitous swipe at Sara Palin (Ha Ha), he reminds us that grizzly bears protect their young without firearms.

What he doesn't realize is that firearms protect us from grizzlys.

Who's Warren Blumenfeld? He's an Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Iowa State University.

In this paper, he equates traditional Christian denominations that believe that homosexuality a sin, with the infamous Fred Phelps. By the same token, I should equate his embracing of the homosexual "lifestyle" with the freak-show parades of San Fransisco.

Same logic applies.

He seems to think that protecting our borders is racism while calling La Raza a civil rights organization. Being a "well educated" major university professor, you think he would catch the irony there.

And he's a big supporter of the Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers, as he and many others in academia (I assume) think the poor man was vilified during Obama's campaign in 2008. I guess trying to blow up the Pentagon or murdering police officers was a career stepping stone, not criminal actions.


At least I'm not alone in my thoughts of the good professor, as Don Paulin gives his opinion in the LeMars paper after Blumenfeld issued his support of the "occupy" protestors in Des Moines.

I almost feel sorry for him except that my tax money goes to paying his salary at one of Iowa's public universities.

Here's a thought... If the taxpayers of Iowa start "occupying" the public universities in an effort to bring fiscal and logical sanity to higher education, do you think the good professor would give his support?

I doubt it.

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Jim said...

I wonder how much of that $3-plus million in professor bonuses he got.