Sunday, February 12, 2012

Out of Steam, 2/12/12

Weeks of planning culminated with a late-night implementation and two days of follow-up and hand-holding for our client users.

Best thing I heard late Friday was someone said they expected it to go badly because all of our projects never seem start off well. But, they added, this one went very well and they like the new system.

I'm glad they never saw the sweat pouring off me trying to find enough cable around town because people changed their minds at the last minute. And they didn't notice some of the other issues behind the scenes.

With weekend on-call keeping me on a keyboard at the homestead, I decided to start a few experiments with a couple of coffeetree seeds that Sam sent me, along with a couple of bur oak and hickory nuts. In between taking calls and email requests I tried a couple of plantings just to see what will come of things.

With more irons in the fire than a blacksmith in Kalona, I'm hoping for a little time for the dust to settle before the next project (due in 4 weeks.)

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