Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Those wacky gun owners in Iowa

Seems we're getting a little uppity towards the statehouse stooges.
"I think their proposal is wackadoodle, okay, its way out, way out, far right, its tea party extreme," says [House Minority Leader Kevin] McCarthy.
Just because the citizens want to codify civil rights protections for self-defense.

Oh, and having a right listed in the state Constitution? That's just "way out, way out," according the self-professed NRA member, McCarthy.

I guess he isn't looking at the lobbyist endorsements for HF2215, because the NRA endorsed self-defense in Iowa.

And the NRA endorsed the Constitution Amendment HJR2009.

Maybe McCarthy should turn his membership card in and join the Iowa ACLU, because he aligns more with them on these bills. He also is in lock-step with the regular bed-wetting county sheriffs.
“We’re not sure why it’s necessary to move (to) this next step so soon because we’re not sure that’s where Iowans want to be,” said Susan Cameron, a lobbyist for the Iowa State Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Association, which represents law enforcement in Iowa’s 99 counties.
Would this be the same Iowans who sent their representatives to the statehouse in 2010? Those same representatives that voted 60-38 for the self-defense bill and 61-37 for the amendment? Seems like close to two-thirds of the representatives are in favor. In a republican form of government, they'd be representing the public.

But, I'm not a lobbyist, so what do I know about government?

As everyone can guess, they are stuck in committee in the senate. There are some procedural tactics that can still bring it to the floor but that would mean at least two Democrat senators would have to grow a pair and stand up to Gronstal, the Democrat leader in the state senate.

I'm not holding my breath, but there is a chance if we can annoy the crap out of them with calls and make some of them scared for their next election.

Maybe we can join other states that had to mop up the streets with all that blood running down them after passing castle doctrine, or Constitutional carry.

That did happen, right? 'Cause that's what we keep hearing from the anti-civil rights crowd.


Robert Fowler said...

f I may be so bold as to make a small correction.

Iowa State Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Association, which represents law enforcement in Iowa’s 99 counties.

That isn't entirely true. They only represent most of Iowa law enforcement. I know of several sheriff's that are not members. Mostly it seems they represent the crybabies that threw a fit over shall issue.

strandediniowa said...

Thanks, Robert. You're probably right. I would also take a guess that many are members in order to get the annual dinner, like Pheasants Forever.

Very few of the sheriffs stood up to support the shall issue bill but the most vocal that stood against it got the attention. Most of the sheriffs sat on their hands which is about the best one could ask for from some of them.