Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's a free country

And I can choose to spend my money somewhere else besides Buffalo Wild Wings in Cedar Rapids, IA:

Any local business can put up a sign (ineffective as they are) as an ill-guided attempt at security. What this means to many is they are not welcome if they choose to carry but the business is open for any thug intent on harm.

I wasn't carrying and I didn't feel welcome after seeing this sign.

But seeing a similar sign at my county courthouse, I can't very well conduct all of my business elsewhere.

Based on the order of the Chief Judge, possession of all firearms is prohibited in the courtrooms, judges’ chambers, court reporter offices, jury rooms, clerk’s offices, juvenile court offices and hallways outside the courtrooms and clerk’s office of the Iowa County Courthouse, unless possessed by and on-duty  peace officer as defined by Iowa Code... (Sorry, but the picture did not turn out well)
If someone uses the Don't Show, Nobody Knows policy then how would they know?


Stephen said...

I have a sign on my shop stating firearms are welcome. I guess some business owners just don't want our money.

strandediniowa said...

Too bad you aren't closer or I would be a regular patron.

Thanks for stopping by, Stephen.