Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Camp Stranded update, April 9, 2013

Spent 12+ hour days for the last six weeks on a project to receive a nominal pat on the head.

I'm glad spring is here so I can get work done at Camp Stranded.

So far, something to control the sediment in the pond:

I was able to squeeze some additional work in this past weekend and visit with some squatters:

I'm lining up work for this weekend, including but not limited to getting the equipment ready for spring, transplanting some red cedar trees, and battling multi-flora rose. I pulled out a 6 foot honey locust on Sunday and only jabbed myself twice, so I'm optimistic with the rose.

Between the meadowlarks and red wing blackbirds, it was hard to hear much else, but I have something moving into the bluebird boxes. Probably crappy sparrows.

April, May and June are lining up to be very busy on the work front. I'm hoping I get a chance to spend time at the Camp.

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