Monday, April 8, 2013

Journalism at its finest

I don't have a journalism degree but I think most objective people would notice the bias on display at local TV station, KCRG, Sunday morning concerning the report of a new gun control group in Iowa City over the weekend.

At the end of snippets from the on-site reporter, the in-studio pseudo-newsperson, Nadia Crow, read this: "The group led moments of silence in remembrance of the Sandy Hook tragedy. That silence was interrupted by others who disagreed with the group's....."

It can't be just me that noticed her implication that anyone who wasn't in favor of gun control and voiced their opinion that day, did so in a rude and disrespectful manner? Or it could be that I just inferred it with no evidence.

It's not part of this report that was originally aired on Saturday night:


But that report also implied the same thing with these words. "... To prevent future victims of violence by remembering the past victims. Only some people did not want to be quiet."

And this in the online version of the report:
“We’re here to remember the victims of thousands and thousands of individual and mass murders that have happened,” Jim Tucker said.

Not everyone was so respectful. A handful of dissenting voices pierced through the silence to show their Second Amendment support. Throughout the rally, those voices sparked some heated debate.
Can you figure out who the villain of  the story is here?

KCRG graciously provided the answer for us.

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