Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guns used in crimes are sold to the public - OH NO!

The Cedar Rapids Gazette discovered something that has been going on for years:
Confiscated rifles and shotguns that were used in crimes are sold to the public.

The Iowa DNR is tasked to auction property that was confiscated during crimes such as poaching and somehow the Gazette thinks this is a terrible thing.

With no evidence that any of these thousands of weapons have been used to harm another person, the article heavily implies that these weapons could be used by violent criminals, domestic violence predators or any average murderer that happens upon the auction.

Maybe... Possibly... some future crime might be committed so let's not send $80,000 plus each year for the DNR and state general funds.

Two-thirds of the way into the article they give a dismissive glance at attendees needing a purchase or carry permit in order purchase firearms (they wrote "valid firearms permit," whatever that means -ed.). FFL holders could purchase weapons as well.

I've attended these auctions when I had time and spare change in the pocket. I've noticed that many of the guns were purchased by dealers. I've seen attendees turned away because they didn't have a permit to purchase or carry. None were happy about that. But if someone has gone through the process of getting a permit, they've gone through the NICS background checks and could purchase from a dealer just as easily.

But that's not the point.

The Gazette gins up fear and implies that anyone, even those of us who have passed every background check year after year, is a potential criminal ready to take another life.

That's the point to the whole article.

If this is true: "Having access to firearms of any kind can increase the odds that domestic abuse will escalate to violence, Fortmann-Doser said." Then every spouse in Iowa County would have been shot a hundred times over. (Iowa County, Iowa, having one of the highest per-capita gun-ownership in the state.)

Good thing the Gazette is here to recycle fear and innuendo.


Robert Fowler said...

I noticed they don't have comments. The fear mongering is strong in this one.

I looked the list over and saw a couple I would like to have. I may go just to see what the prices are doing.

strandediniowa said...

That stood out for me as well. The Gazette "policy" is to shut off comments on "controversial subjects."

I doubt they publish any pro-gun letter to the editor unless it reinforces their viewpoint we are toothless, slackjawed hicks.

I missed last year's sale and looks like I will this year as well. I like how they opened it up to examine them on Friday night. It's usually a madhouse trying to get someone's attention so you can look one over.

If you go, I hope you get a bargain, Robert. Good luck.