Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Counter-view on Iowa gun laws

Blue Wave News, a site that promotes the Democratic party, took a swipe at Paul Dorr and his victory in court last week. Previous post: Judge to sheriff, go back to class.

At IA Judge Puts Concealed Weapon in the Hands of Anti-Choice Activist With Conviction Record Elise tried to make a point that Mr Dorr has a (gasp) criminal record. Since he protested at abortion clinics, he had been arrested for misdemeanor trespassing etc. but never for a violent crime. Since he has no felony convictions and no misdemeanor domestic violence crimes in his past, he can pass a NICS check and actually purchase a gun from a real FFL dealer. The horrors.

I'm not going to pass judgment for his activities that some may consider political or religious. You know, like civil protests and such. But if someone can pass a background check (which some call Unconstitutional) then all right by me.
This week a Judge put a conceal carry permit in the hands of an anti-choice activist with a criminal record. Paul Dorr’s First Amendment rights were at risk and apparently those rights are more important than the rights and safety of millions of women in this country and the doctors and nurses helping them get medical attention at clinics. Dorr’s First Amendment rights are more important than the safety of public officials at City Council meetings, and more important than the safety of people in courthouses – because, you know, no one has ever been killed by a gun in a court house.
Lumping Dorr with regular thugs, criminals and abortion doctor murderers is borderline libelous.
The Iowa gun rights activists and the NRA aren’t going to stop with this conceal carry law, they’re aiming for bigger fish. They believe that many gun laws in Iowa are unconstitutional and they plan to challenge them – no matter who they would put at risk.
Because these laws are Unconstitutional, we are going to fight to repeal every one of them.

Referring to West Burlington's ordinance against firearms in city-owned facilities (previous post NRA lawsuit in Iowa):
Of course, West Burlington had every reason to enact this ordinance given some of the history of gun violence in Iowa.
With a line like that, you'd think Iowa would be the murder center of America. I think Chicago has us beat.

What Elise doesn't seem to understand is that Sheriff Weber could very easily denied a permit to a pro-abortion activist, like maybe her, listing that "people fear her". He would still be wrong.

The ruling, if she had decided to read it, (go to Only Guns and Money) Mr Dorr was denied for what he believed. He believes that government should be responsive to the people and he acted on it. That's why Weber denied the permit, because Dorr was asking about county finances, not his "anti-abortion activities."

In the future, when Elise has a right denied by a government official, her lawyer can point to this ruling and use it as a precedent and sue the crap out of them.

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