Wednesday, July 14, 2010

See, no more poster

In a reaction to criticism of their poster (Obama-Hilter-Lenin billboard getting press), the local Tea Party relented and asked for it to be covered up.

Spokesman Bob Johnson had this to say:
"The sign is covered out of respect for other Tea Party people," he said.

"The national (Tea Party) people are right, in that it is a distraction from the message the Tea Party is trying to get out."

Controversial billboard in Mason City covered up
They intend to replace it with a much more subdued message in the next couple of days.

In a fit of hyperbole, Mayor Erik Bookmeyer said:
Placing Mason City in the limelight nationally and internationally in this manner is despicable and inexcusable. That message does not reflect the core values of our community.
Quit equating Obama with other socialists, because he probably won't be as bad or evil as Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Mao...

I should add the offensive billboard:


Concerned American said...

A bad thing....once bullies have measured you (including the Repubs who shout and then apologize) and found you to be weak, they'll take everything from you, including your ribcage.

Bawb said...

We heard about it clear out here in Montana. Funny, when there were approximately 832 hillion bajillion Hitler/Bush comparisons going around; no big deal. One Hitler/Obama comparison and it's international news. Hmmm.

That they've already been forced to take the thing down speaks volumes in itself.

The Thought Police are here.

Crotalus said...

And yet, no one in power is raising an eyebrow over that Black Panther who raged about killin' cracker babies, etc. Guess it's not hate speech when one of them does it.

Hypocrite much, cretins?

strandediniowa said...

They made a statement, direct and to the point. You can't unfire a gun or take back something you said.

They could've manned up and stood by their words, wrong or right.

It's not their statement that's important, but the fact they backed down.

You can't offend anyone anymore, unless, as Crotalus pointed out, you offend crackers or any other acceptable group (Israelis, perhaps?) Go right ahead.

Concerned American has a point, now they can be viewed with suspicion by all sides and their message as a group is gone.

Anonymous said...

Well the difference is context, you see. If you had been a subject of one of the other two leaders... and you posted that same billboard... they would never find your family.