Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Officer's firing upheld

William Bowker's firing from the Ft. Madison police department was unanimously upheald by the city's Civil Service Commission. F.M. officer firing upheld

Readers may recall my post: Sex, lies and incompetence that the officer was fired for "incompetence, laziness and stupidity (cruising the internet at work)" besides having a sordid affair with the police chief's wife.

At the bottom of the article, the Hawkeye reports about a Iowa Supreme Court case:
The Iowa Supreme Court, in a 2002 opinion, summed up the plight of a police officer: "Since peace officers are charged with a public trust, the public has every right to expect these officers to conduct themselves with good character, sobriety, judgment and discretion. ... The image presented by police personnel to the general public is vitally important to the police mission."

"Police officers must earn and maintain the public trust at all times by conducting themselves with good judgment and sound discretion," the high court stated.
Sounds good to me.

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