Friday, July 16, 2010

West Burlington Mayor responds to gun groups

Sean McClanahan reports of the Iowa Firearms Coalition's (formerly IowaCarry) efforts to encourage West Burlington Mayor Hans Trousil to understand he's on the wrong side of the law. West Burlington Mayor Trousil responds to NRA and IFC members
The NRA, specifically the leadership has put out only what it wants their members to see and not the whole story, and like sheep being let to slaughter the membership fell for it. - Trousil
That and the mayor's "I'm a gun owner, too" blather just doesn't cut it.

I've been critical of the NRA but Trousil hands out another insult. Regarding the NRA's stated efforts to fight the West Burlington ordinance:
"The NRA has put out a lot of crap again."

W.B. stands by city's gun ban: NRA opposes restriction for municipal buildings, saying it's too broad.
Trousil has a way with words. Maybe not. Compare this statement:
The mayor also took issue with what he described as his comments about "nut jobs" being taken out of context.

"I did not say that all gun owners are nut jobs," Trousil said. "I said there's a lot of nut jobs out there that own guns that wish to do harm to law-abiding citizens and elected officials."

"Not all gun owners are nut jobs," he reiterated.
With his previous words printed by the Des Moines Register:
"That's too bad," West Burlington Mayor Hans Trousil said about opposition to his city's ban from the National Rifle Association. "They need to sit in our chairs and worry about these nut jobs that go around with guns."
Which quote is right, Hans?

A couple of interesting items in the Burlington Hawkeye article posted at Leagle.
One - Mt. Pleasant doesn't ban weapons at city council meetings. Even after the 1986 murder of Mayor Ed King by Ralph Davis.
Two - showing more restraint than the mayor, the city attorney declined to comment.

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