Thursday, April 21, 2011

The vulgar left

Jim gives us a peek into the mind of a leftist University of Iowa professor. It seems she doesn't like what the college Republicans had to say in an email they sent out. An F U was her reply.

State29 give us more details (language-wise). And beware of the photo of the prof.
Expect to see more of these kinds of outbursts by angry Democrats in the next year and a half as the Tea Party Republicans travel around the State and President Obama continues to suck more and more.
He's probably right.

He also gives his opinion of Christie Vilsack's probable attempt to portray the sacrificial lamb to Rep King next year. Plenty of background regarding the former governor and his hat wearing wife.

Good luck with that, Ms Vilsack.

Disclaimer: I've known the Vilsacks for a number of years since his unfortunate ascension to mayor of Mt Pleasant. Don't much care for them or their politics.


Bawb said...

Good thing liberals can have intellectual political discourse without all the "vitriol" and "hate speech".

If a male WASP professor had responded to GLO or the Young Socialists like this, it would be all over the national news and they would have hung him from the nearest lamp post by now.

Jim Johnson said...

'Prof' Ellen Lewin is paid a taxpayer and tuition funded salary of $94,000.

What a complete waste of taxpayer dollars, and students incur thousands of dollars of debt to pay for POS Professors like this!

What does Miss Ellen teach our children? Gotta wonder...

strandediniowa said...

In a more civilized world, she would have been run out on a rail.

Public ridicule will work, just ask the visiting prof who was offended by the pink locker rooms at Kinnick. She ain't there anymore.

These pampered tenured profs have no worries about what they say or do. They do no real work with classes being taught by grad students most of the time.