Thursday, April 21, 2011

North Scott High targetshooting club

It’s loud, competitive and puts shotguns in the hands of high school students. But after years of planning, North Scott High School students now have their own trapshooting club.
In Iowa we have a few schools with sense enough to have a school sponsored gun clubs as a competitive sport. North Scott and Davenport West are a couple. That brings to 40 such clubs in Iowa.
Austin Coobs, a 17-year-old North Scott senior, said the more students who participate, the better.

“It would clear up questions about safety issues,” Coobs said. “I think one of the reasons people are against gun ownership is because they don’t understand it. Shooting is one of the safest sports because people make it safe.”
Congrats to North Scott.


Jim said...

You remind me I need to do a piece on a development up here. Several high school and junior high kids wanted to try trapshooting, so a good man organized the kids and a handful of adults. They set up a private fund-raising system, and the team is going great guns. It's loosely associated with the schools but doesn't ask a penny in public funding.

strandediniowa said...

That's excellent news, Jim. Private citizens working together for a common good.

Would you let us know if they ever have a fundraiser?