Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gun thefts in Iowa

Thieves are out and about looking for firearms in Union and Ringgold counties.

Clark county got hit as well.

Lorimor's American Legion was hit.
"Them guys (the thieves), I don't think want to get found by a group of veterans," said Hiatt.
Or by gun owners in general.


Jim Johnson said...

I'm sure that CityView publishing 5,200 Polk County permit holders names this week will help criminals find gun owners more easily. Or perhaps identify homes which should NOT be robbed.

Shane Goodman and Michael Gartner own City View, and chose to publish names of 5,200 law-abiding citizens who have a permit to carry.

Michael Gartner has opposed the 2nd Amendment for years, and thinks only police should own firearms. He would ban all guns if he could.

Instead, they publish names of permit holders to INTIMIDATE THEM and paint the law-abiding gun owners as the bad guys.

Criminals now have a list of permit holders in Polk County.

But criminals also now know who in Polk county does NOT have a permit to carry.

Jim Johnson said...

The co-owner of City View, Michael Gartner’s stance on Guns:


The latest example of the anti-gun attitudes of this country’s news executives is a recent guest editorial in The Wall Street Journal by Michael Gartner,former editor co-owner of the Ames, Iowa, Daily Tribune and president of NBC News in New York.

Headlined “Tell Me a Good Reason for Handguns,” the column began with Gartner declaring, “This is another of those columns about guns. I’m against them.

“I’m especially against handguns…” After spending most of the column citing Handgun Control Inc. statistics and advocating passage of the Brady Bill with its nationwide seven-day waiting period for handgun purchases, Gartner arrived at his real objective when he stated, “That doesn’t seem too much too ask (passage of the Brady Bill).

“Indeed, it isn’t enough. In fact, only police and soldiers — and, maybe, licensed target ranges — should have handguns. No one else needs one.”

strandediniowa said...

Thanks for bringing this up, Jim. It makes for a very good shopping destination list for the criminals.

I brought that up to my representatives and to the two big gun groups in the state. Make the permits private.

Was told there were more important issues to work on.