Thursday, June 24, 2010

Des Moines Gun Rights Examiner

We now have Examiner columnist in Des Moines that will be keeping an eye on the state. Sean McClanahan is our Des Moines Gun Rights Examiner. Leading the Examiners is David Codrea- National Gun Rights Examiner
Sean McClanahan is the host of Firearms Weekly on the World Wide Amplified Internet radio network, and is the President of The Iowa Firearms Coalition. Sean has owned firearms for 25 years, and is a firm believer that the Second Amendment protects the First. You can reach Sean at
His second article is of attorney general candidate Brenna Findley, which gives us a glimpse of our current attorney general Tom Miller.
While much of the attention in Iowa politics is on the Branstad vs. Culver race for Governor, there is another race that is even more important to those who own firearms in the Hawkeye State. The position of Attorney General has been held by Tom Miller since 1978. Mr. Miller has proven himself to be no friend of the Second Amendment. In recent years, he has refused to sign on with 23 other state Attorneys General telling USAG Eric Holder that they are opposed to the renewal of the Clinton-era Assault Weapon Ban. He also refused to sign on with 31 AGs who filed an amicus brief in support of Heller, and with 38 other AGs who filed an amicus brief in the McDonald vs. Chicago case. In Iowa, Mr. Miller issued an opinion regarding local pre-emption that flies totally in the face of what is already enumerated in Iowa law, section 724.28.

Brenna Findley is the logical choice for Iowa firearms owners
Sean provides plenty of links so we can follow his sources. Please head over there.

We can't have too many voices.

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