Sunday, June 27, 2010

EMILY's List endorses Roxanne

One of the nation's largest PACs is endorsing Democrat Roxanne Conlin for the senate while complaining that the Republican incumbent Grassley takes PAC money.

Irony? There's more:
EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest financial resource for pro-choice Democratic women candidates, has endorsed the U.S. Senate campaign of Roxanne Conlin, “a lifelong champion for women’s rights.”

“Roxanne has proven time and again that she is a strong and determined advocate for the people of Iowa,” said Stephanie Schriock, EMILY’s List president.

EMILY’s List endorses Conlin
You mean like advocating that rapists need to be back on the street. Roxanne helped Pierre Pierce where she was part of a group of lawyers who negotiated a plea agreement so he could be re-instated with the University of Iowa basketball team.
By pleading guilty, Pierce avoided trial on a Class C felony charge of third-degree sexual assault and possible placement on the state's sexual-offender list. In addition, he was allowed to remain on campus, and he could play basketball next season.

The deal was struck by Pierce's lawyers, Alfredo Parrish and Maggi Moss the victim's lawyer, Jerry Crawford and Roxanne Barton Conlin, a former U.S. attorney who served as mediator. The agreement was reached within a month of Pierce's arrest

Tom Witosky, Des Moines Register, November 11, 2002
Roxanne was also part of the dream team that sued Microsoft that lead to an outstanding consumer rebate of $5 while her law firm received millions. (Typical lawyer schlock, I know)
EMILY's president went on to say: “This year, more than ever, is it crucial that we elect smart, effective and capable leaders to take on powerful special interests..."
You mean like standing up to Planned Parenthood, Sarah Brady, George Soros.... EMILY's List?

But, but, these are the good special interest groups. Not the evil ones.

If Roxanne could just quit smiling that Nancy Pelosi smile:

Although there was a time when she wasn't smiling:

(Drunk driving arrest from the mid-90's)

BTW - not a fan of Grassley either.

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