Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Iowan's look at our gun bills

Ben over at Cold Hard Cashner adds his perspective to the competing gun bills we have here in Iowa this legislative session.

As Ben is an IowaCarry member, I thought he would have been supporting the NRA/IowaCarry bill.

I think that he gives a balanced and reasoned post: Dueling Gun Bills (not because we agree) with comments from a heavy-hitter in the gun community.

I'd also agree that this is going to be a hard fight to get a good bill passed in Iowa. Not because of the competing organizations that are fighting for their respective bills, but we have some pure politicians in Des Moines that want nothing more than for both of these bills to go away.

This isn't an Iowa Gun Owners vs. Iowa Carry fight, this is a gun owners vs. politicians fight.

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