Friday, February 19, 2010

So much for due process

I received this alert from Iowa Gun Owners: An Imminent Threat to Your Gun Rights but Iowa Patriots posted it first.

Basically SF2357 as introduced in the Iowa Senate would eliminate due process by allowing the confiscation of your firearms and ammunition if you have been placed under a no-contact order (and other offenses) by the state. Not turning in your firearms could result in being charged/convicted of a class D felony.

There's more, read North Bridge's analysis at Iowa Patriots An Imminent Threat to Your Gun Rights

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straightarrow said...

Ok, there is a reasonable way to handle this (not really, but if you use their definition of reasonable, it could work). Have enough women take out a protection order, no contact order, or TRO (temporary restraining order)against each and every member of the Iowa legislature. It would help if you could find women who had met these legislators, but it is not necessary as each of them owns a penis and hands capable of forming fists. Just have the fearful ladies profess before a judge that they fear a particular legislator, Hell, it might even be as true as some women seeking divorce from non-legislative men. Push it hard. Deprive these asshole of their throne.

In fact, if you can get no contact orders and TRO's, just have these fearful women meet at the Capitol every day. The legislators will be in violation of the law if they congregate anywhere near these women. Just think how much grief that could cancel if these stupid sonsofbitches had to go home and leave these women be. And man! Wouldn't they have a different view of PC? and prior punishment.