Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The contemptible Senator Gronstal

As I was listening to Steve Deace this afternoon, it was revealed what Iowa Senate majority leader Mike Gronstal - (D, Council Bluffs) thinks of the people he supposedly represents.

Aaron Dorr, Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners disclosed that after Aaron presented Gronstal with hundreds of signatures that were collected from Iowans in his district, petitioning Gronstal to get SF 473 out of committee for a vote on the senate floor, Gronstal in a magnanimous and statesmanlike manner threw the petitions across the senate floor.

This "dignified" action apparently silenced those in the chamber and brought much deserved attention to this political hack who is the majority leader of the senate.

Many of you have who read my postings can get the impression that I really don't care much for the political class, but I have absolutely no respect for this putrid a-hole who thinks he runs the state. With his lips puckered up to the backside of every liberal activist or union boss, this putz treats ordinary citizens who dared to tell him to do his job to uphold the Constitution as insignificant specks to be ignored.

No matter what issue that was presented, to treat Iowans that are in his district (many of whom are democrats) in such a manner, I ask: Is tar and feathering legal, yet?

Second question of the day: Which political candidate did the NRA give money to in 2008? Hint: He was the only candidate in Iowa they gave money to.

Answer - $500 to Gronstal (Follow the money)


straightarrow said...

it is most probably time to throw Gronstal to the floor and kick his eyeballs out.

straightarrow said...

here's the body of my email to Gronstal, titled Congratulations:

You finally made the big time. Your totally despicable behavior has been displayed all over the internet. Now that your subjects, for surely that's what you believe them to be rather than citizens, know how much disgust you hold for them and their rights as evidenced in your response to the petitions delivered to you on 2nd amendments rights they may have plans for you that do not parallel your own.

I sincerely hope they do. However, despite your belief, they are actually citizens and can vote you out of office rather than need to resort to decorating a lamppost with your rotten carcass. Good for you, bad for humanity, but I suppose that is the price we must pay to demonstrate everybody's superiority to yourself.

As a former resident of Iowa, I have a fondness for its people. They are solid, moral, and hard-working Americans who for the most part, have not forgotten principle. Much unlike yourself. I hope to never meet you. Because the only way I wouldn't urinate on you is if you were on fire.

charles h. sawders
Oddly the word verification word is "mount", which seems to be his attitude toward his constituents.

strandediniowa said...

"...displayed all over the internet." You give me more credit than I deserve, SA. Hopefully others have picked this up. If Deace's program is podcasted, I'll post a link to it.

strandediniowa said...

I was in Minnesota for the past couple of days and out of the loop. This morning I had a chance to go to War on Guns. (scooped again)

We all know David has a much wider audience than I do, so yeah it's getting widely displayed. Much to his credit, the fight in Iowa is gaining attention.

straightarrow said...

It has been picked up and is spreading rapidly, you were the first. Good on ya.

strandediniowa said...

Thanks, SA.

I heard this during a Steve Deace interview of Aaron Dorr on WHO radio on my drive home Wednesday night and got it out right away.

I'm glad this is getting out to show what kind of an idiot runs our state senate.

straightarrow said...

not an idiot. an evil enemy.