Thursday, February 4, 2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger: comedian

Don't quit your day job, Ahnold.
“No matter where you go in the world, people still want to come to California,” Schwarzenegger said. “There’s no one screaming like, ‘I can’t wait to get to Iowa.’ That I can guarantee you. They want to come here to California.”
We dumb hicks are missing out on tourists. And I'm disappointed?

But if there is a choice of where to live? Who wants to live in a high-tax, over-regulated, corrupt politicians everywhere... Wait a minute.

Maybe neither Iowa nor California is such a good choice.

Gov. Schwarzenegger takes a stab at Iowa


straightarrow said...

I have lived in both. I much prefer Iowa. Smarter populace, more freedom, better political environment (as fucked up as it is), nicer people, and did I mention smarter people? Then there are smarter people in Iowa, oh did I say that already?

Some parts of Ca. have very boring weather with no seasons. That is their big draw? Well, duh, YEAH! Changing seasons requires smarter people to deal with them, oh, did I say that already?

Proof? You want proof? Iowa didn't elect Arnold as governor? How smart is that? Smarter than Californians. Twice!

straightarrow said...

Two soldiers on patrol in downtown Baghdad were captured by insurgents. Upon their capture they were interrogated by someone in a language they couldn't understand.

Finally someone who spoke English came to the hut where they were being held and told them "If you don't cooperate we are going to take you to a place far away. We are then going to take everything you own, you will live or not at our sufferance. If we decide to kill or torture you, we will. We will feed you if you work, but nothing more. If you do not work we will still feed you. But you will be our slaves. If you protest we will harm you. Are there any questions?"

One of the captives asked,"If we cooperate, what happens?"

The English speaking interrogator said, "We will set you free to return to your base."

Whereupon one of the captives said to the other, "Don't tell 'em nothin', nothin', I really mean it, nothin'"

The other captive whispered to him "We could lie, and if they keep their word we get back to the unit."

The first captive replied, "Are you crazy? If we don't cooperate they are going to take us to California."

strandediniowa said...

If we're so smart, how come we elected Chester Culver as governor, or Tom Harkin and Chuck Grassley as Senators.

Now we've got Branstad running again.

Ugh - we may be smarter than those in California, but we aren't smart enough.

Nice joke, SA. (Or was it?)

straightarrow said...