Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't fear, Obama won't take your guns

Douglas Burns, of the Carroll, IA, Daily Times Herald, opined that since Obama hasn't made an effort to take guns away from citizens, the unwashed masses have nothing to fear from Obama.
Whose fault is that? Is it actual policies (which based on the record just don’t exist)[sic] or hysterics being drummed up by Republicans?
That's right, the hysterical masses buying guns because of an irrational fear. I'm surprised he didn't throw in the race card.
In order to win Senate seats and the presidency the Democratic Party has to third-rail the guns issue. This lack of action may mean more dead black kids on the streets of Newark and Baltimore, but Obama and his party’s princes have long since reconciled themselves to that.
Those murdered with firearms are because of honest law-abiding citizens purchasing a firearm during the Obama-rush of the past year or so?

In a prime example of hyperbole:
[Iowa Gubernatorial candidate] Republican Bob Vander Plaats sought to play the role of the detached anthropologist this week in Carroll when he advanced one of the ugliest and spectacularly irresponsible narratives in America today: people have cause to “fear” President Barack Obama and arming themselves to the hilt is an understandable reaction.[emphasis mine]
It seems to me that VanderPlaats was trying to explain a historical phenomenon in America today. Neither advocating nor condemning what has been going on.

It also seems like Burns is conducting himself in the same manner he's accusing VanderPlaats of.

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straightarrow said...

You're right. he won't and neither will the sonsofbitches stupid enough to take his orders to "go get 'em".