Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Iowa Gun Owners update 1/26/10

Iowa Gun Owners recent update regarding our mail campaign (from this previous post) IGO alert 1/13/10. And an update on the Vermont-style-carry bill currently at the statehouse - House File 596 and Senate File 743.
Our bill currently has 24 co-sponsors in the House, nine in the Senate, and is causing a major stir at the Capitol amongst anti-gun politicians and even amongst a few "pro-gun" politicians who can't fathom a law that allows you to carry a weapon without a permit! Of course, this is already the law in Vermont, Alaska, and most of Montana - and these are some of the safest states anywhere in the country.
Also at the statehouse is a bill that would allow private sales of handguns in Iowa. Currently a permit to purchase is required of the buyer or the sale is illegal and both the buyer and the seller have committed a crime.
Iowa is one of only 14 states that requires law abiding citizens to get government permission to buy and sell handguns between private parties for self-defense.

In most of the rest of the nation you and I can legally sell handguns between ourselves, provided that none of us are felons, without a permit. Not so in Iowa.

This bill is being sponsored in both chambers and already we have 14 cosponsors in the House!
That's the gist of the alert, but you can read more at: Iowa Gun Owners E-mail Alert, January 26, 2010

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