Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's a machine gun because we say so

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Police released surveillance video Tuesday of two men robbing a southeast Portland convenience store while one of them carried what officers described as an automatic machine gun.
Headline reads: SE Portland Robbers Carried Machine Gun

It's black, scary, and has a magazine, therefore it's a machine gun.

With all the semi-autos that look similar to actual fully-automatic firearms and no one fired a round, how do they know?


Crotalus said...

C'mon! You know they're deliberately lying about it being a machine gun, dont'cha?

The truth means nothing to these people. They have... *drumroll* AN AGENDA!! (TA DA!!)

Anonymous said...

Even if it was fully-auto, wouldn't that technically be a SUBmachine-gun?

strandediniowa said...

Anon has a good point. I think you're right.