Saturday, January 16, 2010

Madrid, IA police chief

Madrid, IA police chief Rick Tasler displays a certain amount of idiocy by letting a friend handle his firearms as toys instead of treating the weapons with respect.
The video shows Tasler spending time on the job with MMA fighter Joe Brammer. Most of it was shot in Tasler's patrol car as the men discuss fights and work.

"I was concerned. It looks like it was out in the open," said retired Iowa State Patrol Captain Marlo Fieck. "This time of year, there could be deer hunters or almost anybody out there."

Fieck teaches the required gun safety class for getting a permit. He said he was also concerned about another video clip that shows Tasler demonstrating using mixed martial arts in his job.
Watch him for yourself Madrid chief on video and decide.

KCCI reports Madrid Police Chief Video Draws Concern

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