Monday, January 4, 2010

University of Iowa Threat team

Threat assessment team has it's hands full at the University of Iowa campus
Since its formation in late 2008, the University of Iowa's threat assessment team has been involved with close to 175 cases.
They have to be busy since there's only two of them.

And what does this team of two people do? They snoop on students, staff, and faculty.
The purpose of the group is to identify UI faculty, staff or students who are a threat to themselves or to others.
They rely on snitches to turn people in.
The threat assessment specialists generally are notified of a potential problem by roommates, resident hall staff or student services for students; and supervisors, human resources representatives or departmental staff for faculty and staff. The duo also gives presentations across campus to get the word out about the program.
Sometimes people need help and reach out to others for assistance. This couple was formed after the Virginia Tech shootings in an effort to "do something" for those who might need help.

How effective are they?
The program isn't perfect and the pair admits that oftentimes, there's no tangible result stemming from their work.
Apparently not much.

Seems like another feel-good, do-something-not-tangible effort by a university that wouldn't know an affective way to solve real problems.


straightarrow said...

one has to wonder just how big a threat they will be to all those who would be free and exercise their rights. I think "Threat Team" is absolutely the proper appellation for them.

strandediniowa said...


This idea of a two-person "threat team" having any impact (and from their admission, it doesn't) is just a load of PC crap.

straightarrow said...

PC crap, right up until some recommendation of theirs become PC crappy policy.

Their appointment isn't about countering or deterring threat, its about providing cover for what is to come.

So, I ask again, how big a threat are these people?