Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Madrid, IA police chief suspended

An update of an earlier post Madrid, IA police chief

We find that the city council suspended Chief Tasler for a few days and is put on probation
Madrid, Ia. — City Council members suspended the town's police chief Monday for five days without pay after a controversial video that promoted the chief's final mixed martial arts fight was posted on a popular Internet site last week.

The council voted unanimously to suspend Rick Tasler, 32, who has been head of the police department since July 2008 in this Boone County city of 2,300. Tasler will also be required to complete 60 hours of professional development, and he will be on employment probation for six months. Madrid suspends police chief for 5 days
Tasler said he regretted the negative image that the video brought on the town.

"I do think that I need discipline for that," he said during Monday's meeting. "This wasn't supposed to be on YouTube."
The video shows some reckless behavior by the guy he's shooting with and this is probably the end of it.

At least the end to any more postings on Youtube.


straightarrow said...

you tube is what he regrets, nothing else would be my bet.

strandediniowa said...

Sounds like he's sorry he got caught.