Sunday, January 10, 2010

Register is "pointless" and a distraction to Iowans

A Des Moines Register editorial calls the gun bills currently proposed in the Iowa legislature as "pointless" and a "distraction" to the hard work ahead for our state.
Given the truly important issues that need attention, the Legislature should not waste time on pointless debates about gun permits and same-sex marriage. We don't have the room here for a full discussion of the reach of the Second Amendment, and the Iowa Legislature certainly doesn't need that distraction, either.
A restoration of our rights is pointless?

Get budget in hand and move Iowa ahead


straightarrow said...

Isn't it peculiar the things alleged pragmatists describe as "pointless"? And isn't it revealing that those things they deem "pointless" are almost always principles.

Believe it or not, people of our bent have been called "principles freaks" by some pragmatists in our own ranks. I purport that our pragmatists have more in common with their pragmatists than either of them do with principle, or us.

strandediniowa said...

For the last few weeks both demos and repubs at the statehouse have been saying the budget is the most important issue. And yes, even the pragmatists on our side have been saying that too.

This morning the news listed several items from the demo's agenda.

Glad to see they are going to focus on the budget, until they don't focus on the budget.