Sunday, January 24, 2010

With neighbors like these...

We've got people in this state with the same opinions as elsewhere. But here's a couple of opinions from Minnesota and Missouri:

From Mary Lewis Grow of Northfield, a board member of Citizens for a Safer Minnesota. She seems to think that anyone can get any weapon they want at a gun show and she thinks the error-prone (just ask the cub scout) terror watch list should be used to prevent firearm ownership. You know those "common-sense measures" Bloomberg and company crows about.
A security risk big enough to accommodate a jumbo jet full of terrorists is the failure, both in federal and most state laws, to mandate background checks at gun shows when the seller is not a federally licensed firearms dealer. Indeed, private sellers may set up shop at most American gun shows (of which there are thousands each year) and sell any kind of high-powered weapon, in any quantity, with no check required to see if the buyer is in a prohibited category. Mary Lewis Grow: Security alert: Gun show loopholes
And speaking of gun shows, Lewis Diuguid of the Kansas City Star tosses in a few cliches of his own during a recent gun show visit:
Thousands of people were there. More than 95 percent were men and white. I have never seen more pickup trucks in one place.
Ha Ha guns and hicks - yeah we get it.
Gun sales have skyrocketed since Barack Obama was elected president. It is difficult to know whether these folks think Obama will try to restrict their Second Amendment right to gun ownership or whether they are concerned about Obama being the first black man in the Oval Office.

No doubt, these are good, law-abiding, salt-of-the-earth folks. But I worry about such weapons, the ease with which they can be acquired as well as the motivation and verifiable mental stability of each buyer.
Again, with these self-righteous opinions from hoplophobes? So in Diuguid's opinion, anyone who has a gun is mentally unstable. Nice that he got that in print.


straightarrow said...

do not attribute to ignorance what can be explained by evil intent.

If these people were truly just ignorant the law of averages say they would get at least half their opinions correct even though they wouldn't know why. To be consistently wrong means they are evil and know full well what they do.

staightarrow said...

Funny that this woman is from Northfield, which is a very good object lesson in the efficacy of an armed citizenry. Just ask the James's or the Youngers.