Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Iowa news roundup, 1/19/10

A few articles displaying some of the best and outstanding leaders in our state:

Citing a "study" that windfarms are taking up valuable real estate:
Iowans not buying into ‘energy sprawl’ argument
“If only they’d posted this report in the 1860s,” said Nathaniel Baer, energy program director for the Iowa Environmental Council.

Really, Nate?
From the Department of Duh, with a side order of You're kind of Late:
Lawmakers worry heavy snow could cause spring flooding
“We’ve got 20 inches of snow across the watershed already,” Senate Rebuild Committee Chairman Rob Hogg, D-Cedar Rapids, said Thursday. With predictions of more extreme weather, greater precipitation and higher stream flow as a result of climate changes, “I want to know what my community can do in 2010 to prevent this.”

A little late now, Boss Hogg
If one-tenth of one percent is deep, I don't want to know how wide it is:
Branstad campaign raises $1.5 million
“We’re certainly encouraged to have more than 3,000 donors,” campaign spokesman Tim Albrecht said about the GOP hopeful’s fundraising numbers. For the campaign it means “the broad base of support is here and it is deep.”

3000 out of 3 million citizens, that's deep, man
When you run out of ideas:
Middle school faces motivation challenge
"We developed a PowerPoint presentation, and we will go to one class at a time and talk with the students about test-taking tips and doing things to become a better test taker,"

Nothing motivates me better than a cheesy PowerPoint presentation
I'm trying to figure out how these people have jobs.

Sorry for the Snark, it's that kind of day.

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