Friday, January 8, 2010

Badger Gun posts

Kurt posted Congresswoman from WI jumps on the Badger-bashing bandwagon of congress-critter Gwen Moore demanding the ATF to put Badger Guns out of business. Please go there, he brings up excellent points.

I found a lurker from the city of Milwaukee checking me out and I'd guess that they're snooping around Kurt's site as well.

I hope so.

Maybe they would actually come to their senses and realize the criminals in this so far are the idiots buying the guns from Badgers and then either handing them over or selling them to the felons.

One of the geniuses sold his Taurus for $40 to some felon. I would've given him that plus gas money. (Update) This bonehead was sentenced to two years yesterday Man who bought gun used to shoot officers gets 2 years in prison

I've said since day one, if Badger Guns had serious violations, the ATF would've shut them down with a SWAT team and the "eyewitness news" following right behind. They would have put them out of business right then.

But my impression is that the violations (the paper doesn't list them) are most likely for paperwork, and the newspapers are doing their best to give the impression that the past and current owners are crucified before the truth gets out.

If any other gun store owner think they are safe, they better prepare. They will be targeted next.

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