Monday, January 18, 2010

Law-abiding gun owner treated as criminal

Via GunRights4us
Vin Suprynowicz informs us of a citizen:
Mr. Mitchener did everything required of him by law, ordinance, and Metro instructions. The officer handcuffed and disarmed him “so that everyone would be safe”? What a bunch of bull. If the burglar or burglars had emerged, they would have been confronted not by two armed law-abiding good guys, but instead by one small, frightened officer and a handcuffed and disarmed legal occupant. This rendered Mr. Mitchener “safer”?
RTWT - Handcuffed, disarmed for obeying the law


straightarrow said...

That probably explains the strong ammonia smell at police stations and in patrol cars. All those pissed panties.

strandediniowa said...

We have a scared of the dark officer here and in our own state a police chief playing the idiot.

A few months ago some idiot office went on vacation and her firearm was stolen from her parked patrol car.

I don't know if anything will surprise me anymore.

straightarrow said...

Let's face it. This is not accidental. These intellectually and morally challenged people are the people the PTB actively recruit. These people are only censured or punished if they do not obey the PTB. No matter what else they do, they will receive cover and understanding and statements as to their humanity up to and including murdering innocents. We have seen it time after time. An honest and honorable cop is at greater risk from his own than he ever is from criminals.