Sunday, January 17, 2010

Freedom in America

When I read stories like this, Vietnamese in Iowa: Freedom worth years of lean living, separation
I'm reminded of why Ronald Reagan called our nation the "shining city on the hill".

I'm also reminded of our responsibilities to maintain the city and the hill. Repair the walls, pull the weeds and retake the ground that was given up.

For all of her struggles, Vietnamese immigrant Nga Nguyen had this to say:
The terror on the beach, years of lean living and family separation was worth it, because of one thing.

"Freedom," Jennifer said.


BobG said...

Those are the kind of immigrants that made this country great, by working hard and becoming Americans; not the ones that sneak in and try to game the system, and never really become members of society.
Just my opinion.

strandediniowa said...

Mine too, Bob.

I would welcome a 100,000 of Nga Nguyen's for every illegal anchor-baby that come over for the freebies.

That's how my ancestors showed up.

But then I get accused of being xenophobic.

straightarrow said...

Half of my ancestors were already here. But isn't it distressing that immigrants like this lady have a better understanding and appreciation of this nation and its historic struggles toward perfection (not that perfection is attainable, but should still be striven for)than do those native born here, who have not a Goddamned clue?

strandediniowa said...

It's sad, SA that we've taken all of this for granted. Each of us have to some degree. - Comfort has a way of doing that to a people.

I bet this woman's story would make a inspirational movie, except Hollyweird wouldn't think so.

If they did, she would be a victim of misogynist corporate greed and the Malaysian troops would have been trained by the CIA... etc...

I'm thankful for her and others like her, and proud to call them fellow-Americans.