Saturday, January 2, 2010

A special invitation from Chuck Grassley

I just received, direct from the United States Senate, a special invitation to a meeting with one of my senators, Chuck Grassley. I'm especially excited because I know he values my opinion and he knows that I care about how our government is run. I know he really wants me there because he sent me two.

Oh, it's not an exclusive invitation mind you, because "EVERYONE'S WELCOME!" I know that, because it's in all capitals and they used an exclamation point.

But I don't think "everyone" is welcome because they scheduled the meeting at 1:45 in the afternoon when people have jobs that they have to pull teeth to get a day off from.

If anyone is in the area and is willing to take my place, please use this invitation to enter:
I have a spare invitation, so if I can get off early from work that day, I'll show up.

Sorry, I forgot, "EVERYONE'S WELCOME!"

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