Sunday, January 3, 2010

Readers respond to Register's status quo on guns

Responding to the Des Moines Register advocacy for the Iowa's current concealed carry permit process Des Moines Register wants status quo they published a couple of letters to the editor:
When a person passes a background check and proves himself or herself to be capable of safely handling a firearm for their own protection, then why should they be denied that right? How can you be so blatantly against the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States? Easier access to guns can make us all safer
I have an Iowa nonprofessional permit to carry a gun, and the process to get that license was no cakewalk. I studied in advance of the test administered by the county sheriff. Only 10 of my fellow 25 applicants passed the written part and continued on to the firing range; half the shooters remained when I finally passed, putting 10 rounds on target. After being fingerprinted and waiting a couple of weeks for the results of my background check, I was granted my permit.

But some Iowans are not afforded those same privileges, nor are some Iowans subjected to the same rigor, and some Iowans in some counties are just not allowed to apply for a permit at all. Rules for gun permits should be consistent
"Privileges" - this displays the difficulty we gun owners have to deal with. Rights vs. privileges.

And lastly
While there are legitimate reasons to deny an application, telling a law-abiding and mentally stable person, "You don't need one," should not be one of those reasons. Gun permits denied for arbitrary reasons?
Through these letters and the comments posted (so far), it would seem we have a long and tough fight to change our gun laws. Some of the difficulty will be with gun owners.

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