Monday, January 18, 2010

Kurt Hofmann "peaceable armed citizen"

I'm going to refer to Kurt as "The Hammer" because he, again, has hit the nail squarely on the head.
I am not, in fact, especially enamored of the term "law abiding gun owner." To me, that term implies that someone who obeys a law prohibiting an effective means of defending himself and his family is somehow morally superior to someone who has the courage to defy such an evil edict. I would argue that the reverse is true.

That's why I dislike the term "law abiding gun owner," and much prefer my colleague David Codrea's "peaceable armed citizen." A peaceable armed citizen is no more inclined to violence than a peaceable unarmed citizen, but he will not submit to aggression, and he will not meekly shuffle to the back of the bus when told that "the law" requires him to.
Please read his analysis Is 'law abiding gun owner' what we should strive to be?

After my previous post and his description of a man who is now a felon in New York for obtaining the means to defend himself and his family, being a law-abiding citizen may not be what it's cracked up to be.

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straightarrow said...

My comment at Kurt's site.

I will have no truck with anyone who obeys any law just because he is afraid of the consequences of getting caught breaking it. Those are the people who cannot be trusted and I can own them in less than a minute by making them fear me more than they do others (not that I would), but that doesn't mean somebody won't. Further laws repugnant to liberty and the constitution are our duty to disobedience. We must disobey unjust law and punish however it must be done, those who would enforce them. We are not obligated to be peaceable in the face of tyranny. We are obligated to oppose it. That obligation carries with it no restriction on the severity of opposition except to cease harm once liberty has been regained, saved or established.

Appropriate punishment should then be meted out to all survivors of the liberty violating group(s). I,too, look with disdain on our so-called brothers in this fight who would be owned by other men through fear of those men. I find myself wishing they would just go over to the other side now, instead of deserting us when the crunch comes. For they surely will when crunch time happens.