Thursday, December 31, 2009

Does every state treat its citizens like this?

Apparently Governor Chester doesn't care for the opinions of his employers (us).
No one from the public attended a state budget hearing Wednesday - possibly because no one knew about it.

The only notice for the public hearing was tacked up inside the Iowa Capitol. A nonpartisan Capitol staffer was the only person to drop in, after spotting a notice on a bulletin board while the hearing was in progress.

Critics expressed frustration that so little was done to advertise the mandatory hearing in the midst of what's arguably the worst budget crisis in Iowa history.

Sen. Steve Kettering, R-Lake View, said Gov. Chet Culver and his staff chose to do "the minimum" to comply with Iowa laws on hearing notices.
So Chester technically complied with the law, so we can't fault him, right?

More at Budget hearing is quietly posted at Capitol
Gov Chester is on the left.

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