Saturday, October 31, 2009

Freedom Is Mandatory: Another Reason . . .

Like he said, if this doesn't give you reason to oppose healthcare "reform", nothing will. Freedom Is Mandatory: Another Reason . . .

Direct link: The Face of Single Payer

Democratic Monster Mash

Hope and Change Cartoons posts a version of the classic "Monster Mash" Halloween Treat: Democrats Monster Mash-Up!

Also found on Youtube: "Democratic Monster Mash".

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jeffersonian Reciprocity

Jeffersonian Rifleman links to me Karl has linked this way more than once. Thank you, sir.

He's got quite a few divergent links and a few thoughts along the way.

This post Jeffersonian Flintlock Pistol reminded me to get off my backside. I picked up a Colonial and a pair of Kentucky pistol kits, new in the box at auction a couple of years ago. I set them aside but events overwhelmed me these past couple of years.

Harkin the "Intimidator"

Sen Tom Harkin seems to be enjoying his new role as the chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP - as in God help us) committee. He's added a new role: "The Intimidator"
Harkin not worried Dems are balking on health bill and Harkin: Lieberman will come around

You bet, Lieberman will come around.
“He still wants to be a part of the Democratic Party although he is a registered independent. He wants to caucus with us and, of course, he enjoys his chairmanship of the [Homeland Security] committee because of the indulgence of the Democratic Caucus. So, I’m sure all of those things will cross his mind before the final vote.”
So Harkin openly pukes out with his condescending attitude that Lil' Joe only gets ride on the trail at the whim of partisan hacks like himself. And ifn' Joe decides to ride along with a neighboring cattle drive, then the Dem Gang will just have to take his horse away from him.

And they got the power to it, too. Let's hope Lieberman stands his ground.

There you have it, Iowans. Our grand senator Harkin the Hack threatening another US Senator. We should be proud of this putz.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Enumerated Powers Act

John Hendrickson, a Research Analyst with the Public Interest Institute from Mount Pleasant, IA. gives a heads up on some interesting legislation introduced in the Senate: The Constitution and the Enumerated Powers Act
One of the most fundamental questions that has faced, and is facing, the United States is over the proper role of government. The current policies that are being championed by President Obama and other Democrat leaders, just as with all policies regardless of political party sponsorship, need to be measured against the Constitution. Representative John Shadegg (R-AZ) and Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) have introduced the Enumerated Powers Act, which would “require all legislation introduced in Congress to contain a concise constitutional explanation of the constitutional authority empowering Congress to enact it.”

The Enumerated Powers Act would force Congress to not only identify the constitutional reason for a particular piece of legislation, but it would also invoke a much needed debate over the Constitution and role of government. Ideas truly have consequences, and how someone interprets the Constitution will have a tremendous impact on policy and the course of the nation.
I've asked for this legislative requirement for years at conventions, forums and townhall meetings. I welcome Representative Shadegg and Senator Coburn's efforts against the Goliath that stands in his path.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reloading resources

Since I'm new to the reloading world, I found a couple of places as resources.

One at Top of the Chain Reloading and another at Karl's Jeffersonian Reloading pages

As many who know me well, I need all the help I can get.

Criminal masterminds using Sharpies

Two suspects try to enter into an occupied house. They cover their heads with hooded sweatshirts and attempt to cover their faces so that no one would recognize themselves. Too much in a hurry to go to the store and purchase masks or pantyhose, they used a different tool. Sharpies!
Black-faced suspects quickly apprehended
Moments later, Carroll [Iowa] police officers pulled over a car matching the suspects' vehicle a couple blocks away and found the two occupants with faces blackened by a permanent marker.
Okay, maybe not the brand name of Sharpie but probably some cheap Chinese knock-off, because the markers don't look like they did the job. They probably should have splurged the extra $1.99.

Not only failing on Disguises 101, but using your grandmother's 1994 Buick Roadmaster as a getaway car? That's just sad.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No tolerance = no intelligence

Student Suspended Over Show-And-Tell Souvenir Unfrigging believable.

Brody Middle School student is suspended for bringing a spent shotgun shell to class to show off what she did over the summer.
"We went to South Dakota and went to the Circle B Ranch," said Chenoa Martin, Jazmine's mother.

"They picked up the shells as souvenirs of that event -- it was wonderful," said Chenoa Martin.

"I wanted to show it to my science teacher because he's into stuff like this," said Jazmine Martin.

Jazmine Martin said she never got the chance to show her teacher. During fourth period last week, she got pulled out of class and was questioned about her summer souvenir.
And now for the bureaucratic moron:
"This young lady brought a bag of shell casings and shared them with other kids," said Randy Gordon, Brody Middle School principal.
It's not like she brought a bag of pot to share, idiot. She shared an empty shotgun shell.
Gordon said that even though they were empty, the shell casings are considered ammo, which violates the school's weapon policy.
I tried to look up their policies on-line and "404 not found" appeared.Brody Policies and Procedures
"Well, it's kind of like toy gun problems schools have had. We suspend kids for bringing toy guns also. We want to make it clear to kids not confusing at all that anything with weapons, guns, it doesn't belong in school," said Gordon.
Toy guns? What the French?

He's making it clear to the kids, alright. He's a power-hungry bureaucrat who likes to push kids around.

This posted comment says it all:
Why not prohibit paper cups at school, because they could be used to contain nitroglycerin or gasoline? An empty container is an empty container, nothing more.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Badger Guns - a Milwaukee policeman's opinion

Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer posts officer "Goodwill's" opinion on Badger Guns. Badger Guns - a Milwaukee policeman's opinion
Badger Guns does a good business. They do tend to attract scum, due to their location. They are the closest gun store to the city of Milwaukee. Actually, as I understand it, the store itself is located in West Milwaukee, while the parking lot is in Milwaukee. So they are right on the border of the city. The store has a poor location. The Shooter Shop - the next closest gun shop - requires buyers to venture further into strange territory. Badger Guns is easy to access and is on the bus route - a bonus.
Is this officer contradicting his chief by saying that Badger's location draws in the criminal crowd? (Previous posts here: BTR - Badger Guns Posts)
It is my estimate that at least 60% of the guns recovered during violent crimes can be traced back to Badger.
I thought this came from FBI crime traces and not his opinion.
All these felons (my friend calls them "idiots") feel it is their right to own a gun. Felons do not have a right to a gun.
That's a whole can of worms there, but I'm guessing he doesn't appreciate the fact that criminals and all citizens still have rights that are enumerated by the Constitution. Because in his world rights would turn into privileges.
Badger should make an ID card for entrance. They need to be more inquisitive. Ask questions. Make buyers prove that they are legit.
"Make buyers prove that they are legit." Maybe he uses the same cue cards as former Sen. Edwards.
Membership cards are an excellent way to make a gun store more legit. If a shooter can afford hundreds of dollars for a gun and ammo, he/she can afford a membership card for a few dollars.
My membership card was a birth certificate from a hospital in Southeast Iowa.

His view on concealed-carry:
My caveat to this is that the people who wish to conceal carry be qualified - like police officers. Carrying a concealed weapon can lead to great bodily harm. Better to CYA by having people pass appropriate tests, from psychological to qualification tests.

If you chose to carry, you should be ready to submit to the appropriate tests.
So, more of his true colors show through. David Codrea posts more and more of War on Guns' "Only Ones" every day and I think this guy belongs on the list. Especially with his "Respect my Authoritah" attitude:
Show me respect and realize that you did wrong, I will let you go, short of some violent crime which you need to be locked up for.
"Show me respect..."

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Creeping Charlie

I’ve been in a battle with creeping charlie (Glechoma Hederacea).

It spread from a neighbor’s yard, which spread from a neighbor’s yard, etc… I don’t blame the next-door neighbor, I’ve been unsuccessfully helping her to eradicate this weed for years. We point to a couple of people on the block that don’t quite make much of an effort to take care of their yards. (Well, she did mostly, before she moved)

Creeping charlie is particularly bad in that it is a ground cover. As anyone else who has struggled with this plant knows, it will take over a yard. It destroys the grass and the only thing that has a chance against it is tall growing weeds, like pigweed, horseweeds or lambs quarter.

After another herbicide application this fall, the thought occurred to me that this weed (and any weed) is like a bad idea that takes root, grows and then chokes out what one needs or desires to grow there. This metaphor is apt to many applications, if one thinks about it.

I’m sure my two regular readers are more than capable see what I’m talking about, but for others, let’s look at this:

A young country is trying to grow liberty and freedom and before long the neighbors introduce socialism and statist control. At first they shrug it off since it’s a couple of neighbors over. But later they become more vigilant because the threat is close and the contrast to a healthy environment is immediately noticeable. They begin counter-measures to deal with it. But then life interrupts for whatever reason, perhaps sickness, battles with other neighbors, trying to build wealth, or even infrastructure repairs due to neglect, wear-and-tear or disaster recovery. Sometimes these noxious ideas spread underground, right under their nose.

The country uses ideas to counter their ideas (pulling the weeds from the roots) and the courts (spraying herbicide) in the battle against these “weeds”. Finally, as more and more of the yard is overtaken by these noxious ideas (weeds) there is only one method that absolutely works. But as this entry at The Yard Doctor regarding creeping charlie posits:
Any one that tells you they can get RID of Creeping Charlie should have their head examined! I have tried now for 4 years to even reduce it... ...Finally I tried the BURN the LAWN Method... ...Rented a flame thrower now 2nd time from my hardware store. Filled up the 20 gallon propane tank and went to town. And the little baby plants of creeping charlie were still happy and green till I stood their [sic] for about 30 seconds of scorching heat to make it go to Ashes [sic]
"BURN the LAWN Method" and "Go to ashes." Unfortunately, the grass burns as well, but soon revives.
Like nature does... :-) fire is what turns over fields of grasses etc.
Fire - another metaphor for another time.

New to the reading list

I found a fellow traveller in my state today and I'd like to introduce Benjamin Cashner. Cold Hard Cashner

He has many resources linked on his blog and I look forward to reading more from him.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Badger Guns update 10/24/09

A 55-year old woman was convicted for "straw-buying" from Badger Guns Badger Guns case brings probation The headline is misleading. The woman purchased a handgun from Badger Guns and then provided it to a convicted felon. The very definition of a "straw-purchase".
Badger Guns sold a .38-caliber revolver to a 55-year-old woman, despite warning signs that she was buying the gun for her felon boyfriend, according to court records.

Sherrill Worthy went to Badger in November 2008 to buy a gun for James Funches, a convicted drug dealer who was wanted on a weapons charge in Arkansas, records show. The clerk at Badger stood behind the counter and asked Worthy which gun she wanted, she said.
The scenario of a man assisting a woman in the purchase of a firearm is a warning sign that it is a straw-purchase? I would guess that would encompass over 50% of legitimate gun purchasing in my household. I've assisted my wife in handgun purchases that we made for her. Should I be expecting someone from the ATF to call on us?

Is Badger's complicit in this illegal purchase?
Johnson said the U.S. attorney's office has prosecuted gun dealers who knowingly sell guns to felons through straw buyers, but that can be a tough case to make. He said the circumstances don't support such charges in this case.

"We would have to prove the seller knew she wasn't the buyer," Johnson said. "We have no way to prove what they knew."
Sounds to me like they assisted with the US Attorney's office. (Previous posts here: BTR - Badger Guns Posts)

Friday, October 23, 2009

The next in a long line of abuses

Kurt Hofmann at the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner gives us a preview of what's on the horizon: Is California AB 962 a precursor to 'ammunition accountability' laws?
"Straw purchasers" of ammunition, though, will be much more difficult to prosecute--unless (we will inevitably be told, when criminal gun use is inevitably unaffected by AB 962) ammunition is also required to have serial numbers, with those numbers stored in a database.
And even mayor Bloomberg proved anyone and his dog's uncle can be a straw-purchaser.

I live in a state that requires ID to buy cold medicine and stores keep a registry that law enforcement can view at any time. Officials can then notice that you've purchased too much and come knocking. If the same principle is applied to ammunition purchases, law enforcement will come breaking in the door at 3:00am with tear gas and flash-bangs.

Kurt explains it very well:
A military concept that has some applicability here is "softening the battlefield"--shelling or bombing the enemy heavily before sending in the ground troops, in order to (hopefully) destroy much of the opposition, and make the ground campaign that much easier. That, I submit, is what AB 962 is all about--"softening the battlefield" for the "ground offensive," i.e., "ammunition accountability," which will be the next "one more law," that will make AB 962 really work, and as a bonus, some of the required infrastructure for "ammunition accountability" will already have been put in place by AB 962, so "for God's sake, pass this lifesaving, commonsense law, for the children."
The end result of the gun-control crowd has been zero guns in America, law enforcement and military excepted, of course.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sheriff candidate's misguided son

I'm not suggesting favoritism here, but it sure smells that way. Police officer gets son's bond reduced
Authorities say a police officer who is running for Livingston County sheriff made a successful bid in McLean County court to have his son's bond reduced on burglary charges.

Fairbury Police Lt. Michael Frickey asked to speak Thursday during a custody hearing after prosecutors asked for a $50,000 bond for his 18-year-old son, Dane.

Michael Frickey identified himself as a police officer and asked if a lower bond could be set for his son, who faces one count of residential burglary and two counts of burglary.

Lt. Frickey also told the judge that a Livingston County judge set a $4,000 bond for his son on a recent burglary charge.

Dane Frickey was released later after posting $1,000, which was 10 percent of a $10,000 bond.
The boy gets busted for burglary in the officer's home county and is let go on bond. Then is charged later for 3 counts of burglary in another county and his bond is reduced. The poor kid just can't stay out of other people's homes.

Nope, no favoritism here.

Daisy or Crosman, a robbers best choice

If you're going to rob someone at gunpoint, a BB gun probably isn't going to be your best choice. Police: Man breaks in with BB gun, gets shot by resident’s real gun
The man was armed with a BB gun, which, according to police, looked like an authentic pistol. One of the residence’s occupants then produced a real firearm and fired numerous shots at the intruder. He was hit by some of the bullets and fled on foot.
Maybe he was going to trade up after getting some cash.

3:00 am wakeup call

Suppose you're out in the early morning hours, cruising with your brother and you get that irresistible urge to purchase a firearm. One might suggest getting a good night's sleep and then making a trip to a local gun shop or sporting goods store. On the other hand calling up someone you barely know to make your purchase after withdrawing your money from an ATM at 3:00 am, might sound like a good idea for some. But it's probably not the best idea. Gun purchase ends in robbery
MUNCIE — A Muncie man was robbed by the gun he was attempting to buy from an acquaintance, who held him up early Thursday.

The suspect, who was known as Sam, is wanted by police for armed robbery following the incident around 3 a.m. in the 1800 block of West Adams Street.

The victim told police officers that he and his brother picked up a friend of his brother’s from Millennium Place and they went together to get the money from an ATM to buy the gun. Instead of selling the gun, the suspect pointed it at the brothers, took their money and fled the scene.
I've suspected that all the best bargains are at midnight to 1:00 am.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Feds won't contradict state laws, unless they want to

Medical marijuana and guns: The Obama administration's split personality on state sovereignty Kurt explains the obvious dichotomy displayed by the federal government regarding the fed's authority to interfere with state laws.

With the recent policy change of the justice department regarding enforcing federal drug laws (or rather the new non-enforcement policy), the administration will let states be real states. Kurt wonders if they allow states that have firearm laws contrary to federal statutes, the same discretion.

Somehow I think they won't.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Responses to an Appleseed attendee

A couple of people get their skirts in a twist regarding a previous article about a woman attending an Appleseed event here in Iowa Iowa Appleseed Update

Beth Cody's detractors include Roger Gingrich who thinks warm fuzzy thoughts will bring peace and harmony to the earth. Cody mistaken in thoughts on guns
Even a brief look at the news tells us about how truly ineffective conflict resolution is when killing those on the other side of the disagreement is the preferred mode of operation.
I guess killing all of those Nazis didn't solve a thing 60+ years ago. I wondering if Roger's preferred method comes from the Neville Chamberlain, Peace in our Time, school of conflict resolution. Maybe he could ask Poland about that.

And then Elizabeth Shriver decides the highest form of patriotism is gun control. Gun control laws are patriotic After rehashing the discredited Kellerman study, she displays her genius:
The more people own guns, the more likely guns are to be used.
So the opposite must also be true: If I don't own a gun, I wouldn't use a gun. In other words I can't use a gun, if I don't own one. So,if you own one, you are likely to use it. Mainly because you have one.

If Cody wants to do something genuinely patriotic and helpful to her country, she should support gun control legislation.
Maybe she should spend more time reading what the founders wrote instead of Brady propaganda.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Badger Guns update 10/19/09

Badger Guns again under scrutiny and accusations from Milwaukee Police hear less from Badger Guns (Previous posts here: BTR - Badger Guns Posts)
Under fire from the Milwaukee Police Department for selling guns used in crimes, the owner of Badger Guns boasted last week he has a close working relationship with his local police department in West Milwaukee.

On Friday, Allan [Badger Guns owner] maintained he has good relations with his local police department but explained the drop in calls by saying he sometimes calls federal agents. Federal authorities said they could not comment on whether - or how often - they hear from Badger.
Not in dispute is that firearms purchased from Badger Guns seem to be getting into the criminal pipeline. Firearms used against Milwaukee police officers.
In the past two years, Badger Guns sold 62% of crime guns recovered and traced by Milwaukee police, according to federal data. One of those guns was used to shoot two Milwaukee officers in the head in June. In the past two years, six Milwaukee officers have been wounded with guns from Allan's store or its predecessor.
When looking at a percentage, one must know the N=number of guns. What is N? If it is low, then percentages will be high and prejudice the reader.

Also the complaint against Badger's is that the calls in to West Milwaukee police is down, which signifies that the owner isn't cooperating. The owner's response is reasonable:
Allan also speculated his calls to police are down because he is keeping away criminals and those who would buy for them by no longer selling cheaper guns.
So maybe he is doing a better job of self-policing. Speculation on either side here and not enough evidence for a good judgement.

And another thought is the proximity of the store in relation to the criminals. According to google maps: Milwaukee gun shops Badger Guns is the closest store to Milwaukee proper.
Allan said he is open to making other changes but as one of one [sic] a few stores in Milwaukee County selling handguns, he maintained he will always be targeted by criminals and straw buyers.

Donovan said he doesn't buy that. He notes that the Shooters Shop, a few miles from Badger, doesn't have nearly as many crime-gun traces.
So if Badger Guns closes, no one thinks the straw-purchasers wouldn't be "badgering"(sorry) Shooters Shop in West Allis?

Straw-purchasing is a crime by the buyer, not the seller. There is not one FFL holder who has had his/her license for very long who has not sold to a straw purchaser. Why do I say that? Because people lie. Even Sarah Brady was a straw-purchaser. Sara Brady-Straw-purchaser

Not known in all of these statistics is whether the firearms were purchased by people who fully intended to use them for their own protection, enjoyment, etc., not necessarily by a straw-purchaser, and they were stolen by criminals. In those cases would the gun store be at fault?

We don't know enough facts. As I've said all along that if Badger Guns is involved in illegal activity, it will be found out and the consequences should be paid. But being tried by the press, Milwaukee officials, or in the editorial pages, is not the avenue that our country should take. Let the ATF, as incompetent and corrupt as they are, do the investigating.

Update: Last week the owner and Milwaukee officials sat down at a hearing Concealed-carry pitched as part of gun law reform with much more back and forth accusations and blame.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Open carry rally in Wisconsin 10/17/09

Our Wisconsin neighbor is one of only two states that do not allow concealed carry permits. but citizens can openly carry. Iowa only allows open carry while on your own property or business. Residents of Hudson, Wisconsin, a community across the river from St. Paul, Minnesota, held a rally in support of their right to bear arms. Tea Party With Guns Held in Hudson
Hundreds of armed people filled a Hudson park Saturday afternoon as part of an anti-tax and pro-second amendment rally.

"It's our right to carry guns and I think everyone needs to know," said a gun rally supporter.

Openly carrying a firearm is legal in Wisconsin, in fact the only legal way to have a firearm there is to openly display it, but it is rare to see so many people doing so at once.

Not everyone near the tea party was keen on the idea of so many people carrying guns. "I thought not in my backyard. I didn't like the idea and i [sic] still don't like the idea," said Greg Leaf, a gun rally opposer.
Despite Mr Leaf's misguided opinion, hundreds of armed people rallied together and no one was shot, no one "sprayed" the area with bullets. Something's wrong here. Isn't that what the Brady's tell us happens when a bunch of "bitter clingers" get together in one place.

And no one was shot? Hmmm.

Robb Allen posts his opinion of open carry Open carry is fine, so long as you don't do it where people can see you (The title does not fit his true opinion) and a followup posting Who needs the Bradys on how sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Good comments there on how Virginia changed their state.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Secret Service Hated Jimmy Carter

SECRET SERVICE HATED JIMMY CARTER Sean reviews a new book out on the Secret Service's service to recent presidents.
According to writer Ronald Kessler, Jimmy Carter was the "least likeable" president. Ronald Kessler reveals this in his new book "In the President's Secret Service: Behind the Scenes With Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect", about the Secret Service that chronicles the agency’s activities guarding every president from Kennedy to Obama.
I myself am not a fan of the egotistical, pompous idiot who gave us not only the Ayatollah in Iran, but Mugabe in Zimbabwe as well. Not to mention nearly ruining our economy, decimating our armed forces and bending over and taking it from the Soviets. Yeah that guy.
"Inside the White House, Carter treated with contempt the little people who helped and protected him," and told agents not to look at him or speak to him — even to say hello — when he went to the Oval Office, Kessler disclosed.
Calling him a "mistake" would be an understatement.

Win a quiz show, get a gun

I'm not a fan of Islamists in Somalia, but if "Who's Smarter than a Fifth Grader" or any other "game show" handed out prizes like this, I'd be sharpening up my skills. Guns given to Somali quiz winners
The winners of a quiz organised by Somali Islamists have been given weapons and ammunition as prizes.

Prizes included AK-47 assault rifles, hand grenades and an anti-tank mine.
If "The Biggest Loser" had these prizes, I'd put on a hundred pounds, just to take it off again.

Okay, maybe not that show, but still...

Union workers are unproductive

So says a union rep, at least in regards to workers on the job longer than more inexperienced ones. Bumping rights debate heats up as state cuts loom
Union agreements that allow state employees with more seniority to "bump" less-experienced colleagues when the state lays off workers could result in a less skilled, less productive work force, business and workplace leaders warned this week.
Okay, so a worker who's been employed longer than someone who just started say, a couple of years ago, is less productive?

That would be yes, according to Danny Homan, president of Council 61 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSME).
"We're not going to have this debate on whether or not somebody who has worked for a year gets to stay over somebody who has devoted 30 years of their life because they work harder," Homan said. "That is baloney."
So Homan admits that someone 30 years within an organization can't do a productive job over a newbie?

In Homan's world a good, hard-working, productive employee gets the boot.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Iowa Appleseed update

From the Socialist Republic of Johnson county we have a member of the Writer's Group (certainly not known for conservative values) breaking down stereotypes by attending an Appleseed event. Do something patriotic: Own, know how to use a rifle
People fear what they don't understand, especially dangerous things for which the benefits outweigh the dangers. We need widespread ownership of firearms, just like we need fire, or financial investments -- or democracy for that matter -- they are necessary to better our lives, but they all require some experience and skill to wield safely.

Not having grown up using firearms, I too have been uncomfortable with them, even though my husband is a longtime gun enthusiast and I understand their importance.

I had only fired a rifle a few times before I attended Appleseed, but I soon found myself improving.

I was far from a master marksman by the end of the one day I could attend, but I did learn rifle safety and the basics of shooting accurately from standing, seated and prone positions.
Kudos to Ms Cody for attending and coming away with a positive experience.

Appleseed Info

Sen. Harkin still barkin'

Iowa's Senator Tom Harkin has some interesting quotes regarding the healthcare bills in the Senate. Snowe need for Republicans
A lot is being made of U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe’s vote in favor of the health care bill this week, but Sen. Tom Harkin said this morning her vote isn’t needed to shut off debate, which he considers the key test.

“I’m confident we’ll have it with or without Sen. Snowe,” the Iowa Democrat said.
So I guess that means bi-partisanship is out?
As for bi-partisanship, Harkin said it’s not as important as passing an effective piece of legislation.
“It seems to me we have to do what we believe is right and the correct course of action,” he said. Republicans, he says, have been given a chance to weigh in but still are opposing reform.
I guess he's never heard of the tyranny of good intentions.

Halloween costume advice

It's that time of year with the obligatory advice to parents and warnings of Halloween. This time it comes from University of Iowa journalism professor Gigi Durham. Professors say some kids' costumes too sexy, violent

I agree with Gigi's assessment that it's not a good idea to dress up your kids as miniature prostitutes, but then a philosophy professor, Harry Brod of the University of Northern Iowa, chimes in with his broad advice.
"Males are supposed to be powerful. ... At Halloween, power takes a violent suit. It is not represented by the business suit," Brod said.

Boy's costumes seem to encourage violence and gore, he said. Superhero costumes are among the most popular, and they often are accessorized with weapons, like guns or swords, he said.
Oh no, not toy guns and swords!
What's the harm?

These costumes speed up gender identities and encourage what might not be acceptable gender roles, he said. In addition to men's violence against women and children, the primary victims of violence are other men, Brod said.
So, dressing up as the Hulk or Spiderman promotes violence against women, children and men? Walking the neighborhood with a sack of candy while wearing a cowboy hat, will encourage the boy to run home and smack his sister? On the other hand, wearing a three-piece suit and carrying a briefcase promotes harmony with the universe. But that's probably too close to gender stereotyping, so they shouldn't do that.

A sad world we live in.

*** We at the BTR household do not celebrate the pagan holiday. You may do as you choose.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unattended backpack? Call bomb squad.

In our present-day, over-sensitive society, where an unattended backpack calls for police resources better spent elsewhere, we call out the bomb squad. Backpack with toy gun causes scare at Drake
A backpack containing a toy metal cap gun, a toy dinosaur and Twinkies put Drake University and Des Moines police on high alert Tuesday.

Drake security and the Des Moines police bomb squad investigated the bag. Police took an X-ray and saw what appeared to be a handgun inside. However, when investigators cut the bag open, they found the toy cap gun still inside its packaging, the dinosaur and the snack cakes.
I can agree with the "better safe than sorry" crowd, because I'm one of them. Some kid needs a kick in the back-side for this.

California Trippin'

A detective "trips" over a curb and had a negligent discharge, and he's not at fault. Officer isn't charged in machine gun shooting
SAN MATEO, Calif. — Prosecutors won't file charges against a California police detective after determining he accidentally shot a suspected gang member with a submachine gun after tripping on a curb.

San Mateo County District Attorney James Fox says Det. Kurt Rodenspeil is not criminally liable for shooting 24-year-old Joseph Ortega in the heart in August.

A report on the investigation released Wednesday says Ortega was shot when the detective lost his balance and his gun discharged.

Police say the shooting occurred as two men tried to flee in a car, with Ortega being shot as he tried to ram a police car.

Ortega remains in custody on felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon and battery on a police officer.
If you or I tripped over a shoelace, blade of grass or our own two feet, I don't think we would be let off.

Nothing more deadly than a full-auto burst.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Call to march on Washington

Our Senator Chuck Grassley gets a mention Ranting: Irrational accusations
At a town hall assembly led by Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, an angry participant urged "patriots" to grab their guns and head to Washington.
I missed that rally. I never realized the monotone, nasal flatulence coming from Chuck would inspire such passion.

This editorial quoting a New Yorker article about how the Republican party is full of right-wing, conspiratorial, whacked-out, tea-party protesters who is led by Glenn Beck and Rush because
"The party simply didn't have any other engine. ...The Republican Party is married to these people because Republican identification is now so low."
Really? The party that gave us Bush who couldn't reign in his own spending, forced more governmental control of public schools, expanded Medicare/Medicaid beyond the original scope, supposedly is being controlled by radical fringe previously described? That Republican party?
President Obama is somewhat like historic Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt...
I thought Obama likened himself as a modern-day Lincoln.

Oh and don't forget, we're the bitter-clingers in America.
Despite his attackers, Roosevelt transformed America, bringing Social Security and other people-helping programs that improved life for future generations. We hope Obama likewise overcomes his bitter accusers and gives America universal health care and other major advances.
And he will produce sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, and chocolate rivers forever and ever.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Special: hero and villain

The first maybe-annual look at old Columbus. But the winds have changed since I was in grade-school. A darker side of Columbus emerges in U.S. classrooms
TAMPA, Fla. -- Jeffrey Kolowith's kindergarten students read a poem about Christopher Columbus, take a journey to the New World on three paper ships and place the explorer's picture on a timeline through history.

Kolowith's students learn about the explorer's significance -- though they also come away with a more nuanced picture of Columbus than the noble discoverer often portrayed in pop culture and legend.

"I talk about the situation where he didn't even realize where he was," Kolowith said. "And we talked about how he was very, very mean, very bossy."
So was Patton. Sometimes bosses have to be "very, very mean, very bossy" or else things wouldn't get done. Like defeating the Nazis or putting down a mutiny while crossing the Atlantic 500+ years ago. But we're talking about kindergartners, right?
In McDonald, Pa., 30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, fourth-grade students at Fort Cherry Elementary put Columbus on trial this year -- charging him with misrepresenting the Spanish crown and thievery. They found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison.

"In their own verbiage, he was a bad guy," teacher Laurie Crawford said.
"He was a bad guy"? I assume these are bright 9 and 10 year-olds that judged based on the law and not what some liberal text book had printed or influenced by Ms Crawford.

But all of this doesn't beat this guy:
"Every hero is somebody else's villain," said Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, a scholar and author of several books related to Columbus, including "1492: The Year the World Began."

"Heroism and villainy are just two sides of the same coin."
That's true. Just ask any punk wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt.

*Full disclosure: I have some Choctaw blood in me. Not that it matters, but I won't cast stones at Columbus, when the real tragedy towards Native Americans started a couple centuries later.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Protesters in support of Badger Guns

More Racism Claims Against MPD, Connected to Badger Guns

A small group of protesters (three) came out to support Badger Guns a few days ago. They handed out t-shirts charging racism against the Milwaukee Police department.
"I think the police chief can't handle his job with crime so they're using this as a scapegoat," said Bob Braun, one of the individuals protesting.
Maybe he hit the nail square on the head.

Piling it on: another column against Badger Guns

Milwaukee gun store epitome of a bad neighbor

Columnist doesn't care for Badger Guns and makes it obvious he wants it shut down. Again: if they are violating the law go after them. But there is no evidence that they are.
In a gun-happy state, no other gun store comes remotely close to Badger in providing guns to murder, wound and rob citizens.
"Gun-happy state", Wisconsin? Last time I checked you can't get a concealed carry permit there. You can get one in New York or Massachusetts, but not in that "gun-happy state".
Allan's explanation of why felons are allowed to practice their aim on his shooting range is that the law doesn't require him to check the criminal records of those using the range.

Allan says he operates his business within the law. That says more about how full of holes gun laws are in this country than how a responsible businessman should conduct himself.
You gotta love his throwing out the red meat that there aren't enough laws on the books in this country.

Best practices would suggest he know who is using his gun range, if for nothing else, for liability reasons. But running a background check for everyone who comes into his store seems excessive. If he's conducting his business within the law, then he's a law abiding citizen, if he's outside of the law, then throw him in jail.
Allan sounds like Eric Thompson, the Green Bay gun dealer who's sold guns and accessories over the Internet to three mass murderers - Seung-Hui Cho who killed 32 people and himself at Virginia Tech in 2007; Steven Kazmierczak who killed five people and himself at Northern Illinois University in 2008; and George Sodini who killed three women and himself at a Pittsburgh fitness center in 2009.
What? You can get guns through the internet without background checks delivered to your home? For Free? With a coupon for 10% off your next purchase? News to me. He's referring to this guy: Green Bay gun dealer again tied to mass shooting
At the very least, Badger Guns should do the same customer screening as every other gun store that provides a tiny fraction of guns used in crimes compared to Badger.
Why not a strip search ala TSA for each patron who graces his door? With a DNA swab on the side? I've never been "screened" walking into a gun store. If that happens, I will never set foot in there again. But that's probably what this idiot would like to see.

As I've posted before Badger Guns update: store helps police and here Badger Guns update 10/6/09, if they are breaking the law, then the ATF would be all over them.

More resources:
Armed And Safe updates: Badger guns, and 'crime guns,' Part II

And an earlier post: Badger guns, and 'crime guns'

The UN is at it again

Campaign begins to start gun treaty negotiations
UNITED NATIONS — Seven countries have launched a campaign for the U.N. to start negotiations on a new treaty regulating the global arms trade to help prevent the illegal transfer of guns that kill and maim thousands every day.

John Duncan, Britain's ambassador for multilateral arms control and disarmament, said the four-week meeting of the General Assembly's disarmament committee, which started Monday, will be "pivotal" in deciding whether to launch formal negotiations on a new Arms Trade Treaty.
Peace is a noble ideal. But what these educated idiots seem to miss is that arms and the threatened us of them keep the peace. Arms keep the stronger threat at bay and removing protections allows the strong to prey on the weak.

How'd that disarmament work out in Rwanda?
Gun control is a hotly contentious issue in the United States, where the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens the right to "keep and bear arms," and powerful lobby groups routinely oppose almost every effort to restrict gun sales and ownership — and usually win.

Supporters of a new treaty stress that it will not interfere with legal arms sales but will target illegal weapons transfers.
Can anyone say "private sales". The last treaty they've cooked up would have registered every firearm in the US. So if they can't get this through Congress, they'll use the UN.

What this really is all about is to create a monopoly of force to governments. And we all know how well that's turned out. If you don't understand, ask the Armenians, the Kulaks, and Chinese nationalists or Cambodian intellectuals. See Innocents Betrayed from JPFO for a refresher of what happens when only governments have arms.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

News to me: Police can't go on private property

Spike posted yesterday that Burlington police department claim they have no authority to enter private property (a casino) to investigate an assault. Catfish Bend Daylight Mugging - Burlington Police Shirk Duty & Selectively Investigate On Private Property

A 70 year-old woman was mugged at 2:30 in the afternoon in the casino.
The police were called, but said they could do nothing since the casino is privately owned, so the state is looking into it.
Today it's reported that an arrest was made by the DCI Arrest made in attempted robbery at casino
The agent found the elderly female, identified in court papers as Mary Hobbs, lying on the floor near Yong's Restaurant. She reportedly told authorities a man tried to steal her purse and in the process threw her to the ground.

The suspect, later identified as Mathias, was not able to take the Hobbs' purse, but managed to flee the area.
These Iowa retirees are made of good stock. Mary kept her purse and (although battered and bruised) fought him off. Good for her. Mathias apparently needs to hit the gym.

Two things:
One - Burlington police can't get off their backsides to investigate an assault because of "territory" issues with the DCI.
Two - DCI has agents stationed in all of the casinos in Iowa (similar to air marshalls). The agent's presence did not prevent a crime from taking place. It doesn't say where the guy was at the time of the "alledged" assault, but they can't be everywhere. That's reality.

We wish Mary well on her road to recovery.

Des Moines police: DM medics are slow

Des Moines police officer was run over Sunday 10/4/09 and some officers are complaining of a slow response from the fire department's medics. Des Moines firefighters didn’t know officer was down in runover case

It took less than 4 minutes from dispatch to arrival at the scene (try to get that in rural Iowa). Three minutes later, he's on his way to a hospital.

That's pretty good.
From the case files of the Des Moines Fire Department:

Some Des Moines police officers are wondering whether Des Moines Fire Department medics were slow in getting to the aid of a cop who was run over by a pickup truck on Sunday.

“Our initial dispatch was on an assault,” said Capt. Steve Brown, fire department spokesman. “We didn’t know a police officer was involved until we were practically on scene.”
So Des Moines police demand faster response times to accidents for themselves than the public? Is that what it's saying?

The officer is reportedly recovering well. I wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Those officers complaining? They can pound sand.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Iowa Gun Owners at Council Bluffs Show 10/10/09

Iowa Gun Owners will be at the Council Bluffs guns show this weekend 10/9/09 and 10/10/09. IGO at Council Bluffs Gun Show Today
The show is being held at the Westfair Amphitheater located at 22984 Highway 6 in Council Bluffs. Iowa Gun Owners will be there Friday night from 5pm to 9pm and Saturday from 9am through 5pm.
It's a little far for me since I'll be closer to the Mississippi tomorrow and will miss out. Any of my one or two Iowa visitors, please attend in my place.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Badger Guns update: store helps police

Badger Guns in West Milwaukee (earlier posts: Badger Guns update 10/6/09) gives an assist to local police and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel doesn't bother to report about it. No they'd rather castigate the owners.

A local radio station gives kudos to the guns store. Controversial Gun Store Helps Police
By Jon Byman
Story Created: Oct 7, 2009

Story Updated: Oct 7, 2009

WEST MILWAUKEE - West Milwaukee Police confirm they arrested a suspect wanted on warrants after getting help from a controversial gun store.

Authorities had notified the store that the suspect, Carlos Flores, might come in.

Flores did come in and the store called police. West Milwaukee Police arrested Flores.

The store has been under fire since Milwaukee's Police Chief and Mayor called it out for selling guns that wind up in the hands of criminals. Police say a third of all guns used in violent crime in the city are traced to the store.
Armed and Safe (Now added to blogroll) has been looking at Badger Guns, too.
Take a look at Badger guns, and 'crime guns,' Part II

And an earlier post: Badger guns, and 'crime guns'

Des Moines' Keystone cops at it again

The Des Moines police department has another embarrassing moment Burglar takes Des Moines police officer's uniforms, gun
A burglar stole two uniforms from a Des Moines police officer's west-side home on Wednesday, and fired the officer's Glock handgun in the home before stealing it as well.

No one was at the home of officer Chris Latchman at the time of the incident. Latchman's home is located near Woodlawn School in Des Moines.
Aren't these guys aware of safe storage practices? Especially when you're not at home. And near a school, too.

I'm surprised they allowed his name to be released.

More questions: Will Bloomberg investigate this new avenue of guns getting into the hands of criminals? Will the Brady's call for a renewed assault weapon ban? Will Pelosi push to close the "police home invasion" loophole?

Let's hope they catch this guy before the gun is used to hurt someone.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Police harassment alleged in Des Moines

We have this out of Des Moines: Couple claims police officers harassed them, family members if true, would be another black eye on the police force there.
A couple who claim they were assaulted by Des Moines police during a 2007 traffic stop alleged today that officers harassed them and family members while their legal dispute proceeded through the courts.
The couple was aquitted of charges, but the harassment allegedly continued for themselves and their family, even into the past summer.
The first incident involved Evans’ mother and father before the couple was acquitted, according to the lawsuit. Officer Mersed Dautovic, one of the policemen from the 2007 traffic stop, allegedly spotted the parents at a gas station.

Dautovic recognized the parents and pointed their car out to an “Officer John Doe One,” the lawsuit alleges. The unknown officer then allegedly backed their police car in front of the parents to block them, while Dautovic laughed.
To paraphrase Whoopi Goldberg that's not "harassment-harassment" but still, if true, leave them alone.
Evans and Bonds claim they were assaulted by the two rookie officers during a 2007 traffic stop. Dautovic and Mailander resigned in June after facing termination.
Something smells - why were the officers facing termination? This makes me wonder what kind of cops were they? And what other law enforcement job do they have in this or any other state? Hopefully, none.

Update - WHO Des Moines has a few more details Erin Evans and Octavius Bonds lawsuit
Three more defendants have been added to a federal civil rights lawsuit claiming Des Moines police officers harassed, intimidated and threatened Erin Evans and Octavius Bonds.

Bond was left with bruises on his back after officers Mersed Dautovic and John Mailander allegedly beat him and Evans during a traffic stop. The couple was acquitted earlier this year on charges of assault and disorderly conduct.

Officers Dautovic and Mailander later resigned after an internal police review found their actions to be excessive.

A motion filed Wednesday claims three unidentified officers threatened and harassed Bonds, Evans and Evans' parents in an attempt to stifle litigation.
So a couple get beat by the officers (allegedly) and they are charged with "assault and disorderly conduct"? Unbe-friggen-leavible

What's the big deal about Branstad?

I don't think much of Terry Branstad, former governor of Iowa who's threatening to enter the governor's race, if for no other reason than the delusion that he and the Republican establishment think he can "save the GOP in Iowa". Well good luck with that. Unknowns slowing Iowa campaigns describes the governor and senate races for next year.

Republicans and independents that I've spoken to think Branstad should stay out. We at the editorial board of BTR thinks that if he wins the nomination, it would be an absolute snooze-fest.

On one side we have a tax and borrow current governor and on the other side we have a tax and borrow former governor. What a choice!

Others battling for the GOP are:
Sioux City businessman Bob Vander Plaats; Cedar Rapids businessman Christian Fong; state Reps. Christopher Rants of Sioux City and Rod Roberts of Carroll; and state Sens. Jerry Behn of Boone and Paul McKinley of Chariton.
There are a couple of solid candidates and at least four of these guys would beat governor Chester. So why the retread? Maybe a last gasp of power from Des Moines Republicans, perhaps?

Mentioning the senate race: who's the surprise candidate the Democrats are going to pull out of their hat? Editorial board of BTR is thinking the perennial carpetbagger Hillary Clinton will be their choice. I say that because whoever they put up there is going to be a lefty-liberal who will attempt to scare grandma that the Republicans are going to steal their Social Security checks. And whoever they put up will give the impression of a moderate and then slime their way left. That's the game plan that works.

Grassley should have been tossed out years ago, but like old uncle Frank, we dust him off each Thanksgiving and forgive him his sins. And then by Christmas he votes for rainforest money for one of his buddies or tells corporate execs to go kill themselves. We're so proud of him.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How many czars do we need, anyway?

Tangalor at Nonsensical Multisyllabic Words provides a list of csars (or tzars) that we currently have in the Obama regime. Czars by definition provides a list of 31 little fiefdoms created by this and previous administrations.

Badger Guns 10/6/09 update

I've mentioned the targeting of Badger Guns before. Police put more demands on Badger Guns and my first post here: Badger Guns target of investigation

But now it appears that a gun purchased at Badger Guns in West Milwaukee was used in the shooting of a Milwaukee police officer. Gun in shooting of officer traced to Badger Guns.

As I've said before, if the owners are knowingly selling guns to felons or to straw purchasers, then they should nail them. But the ATF isn't involved and that makes me suspicious that they've committed any crimes.
Police launched an undercover operation two days after a pair of officers were shot in the head on Milwaukee's south side in June. The on-going operation has revealed indications of straw buying at Badger and felons freely going into the store, some to practice shooting.
"Indications" is not evidence. Evidence is needed for a conviction.

Later on in this article, we read:
In May, Jacob Collins was in Badger with Julius Burton, an 18-year-old who was too young to buy a handgun at a store, according to federal court documents.

"That's the one I want," Burton told Collins, pointing to a .40-caliber Taurus handgun, records show.

Collins was allowed to change his answer. Collins got the gun and sold it to Burton for $40.
Something smells here.

A dumb kid buys a gun at a loss to a buddy? Who can buy a functioning handgun for $40 (or less, if he tried to make a profit)? If Badger Guns is selling good, functional handguns for 40 bucks, then I'm making a trip. Collins risks a federal felony charge and loses money on the deal? Something doesn't add up.

For a Wisconsin viewpoint visit BadgerBlogger

Prosecute the bastards who shot the officers, that's where they should concentrate. I wish the officers make a speedy and full recovery.

IowaCarry rally 10/3/09

IowaCarry held a rally in Estherville (Northwest Iowa) on 10/3/09 holds rally in Estherville, founded to establish Iowa laws addressing permits to carry concealed weapons, wants to change the state law that county sheriff's "may issue" concealed weapon permits to "shall issue."

Iowa, said Reed, is "still stuck in basically what was Jim Crow laws." He said 1978 legislation left to the local sheriff's discretion the policy for issuing concealed weapon permits.
We are stuck in this situation.

I spoke with an IowaCarry "recruiter" at a gun show a month ago recently and asked questions regarding the upcoming legislative session. He responded with "I'm not involved with the legislation, I'm here to sign people up."

We also have Iowa Guns Owners.

Two groups fighting for "sensible" (as in less government control) gun laws in Des Moines.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Beaver's coming to Iowa City

Jerry Mathers is headed to Iowa City on the "Help is Here Express" tour. Jerry Mathers to make Iowa City appearance
The tour, part of the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, is to promote programs designed to help uninsured Americans get access to prescription drugs.

Mathers was born in Sioux City and is now 61. He suffers from diabetes and is traveling with the bus tour to raise awareness of the disease, according to a news release.
Making people more aware of certain diseases that they are afflicted with is a worthy cause. I did not know he was born in Sioux City.

Porpane tanks targeted

Someone has been targeting liquid propane tanks at hog confinements in Calhoun and Sac counties here in Iowa. Mystery shooter taking aim at liquid propane tanks on Iowa hog farms
A reward of up to $8,000 is offered for the arrest and conviction of the still unidentified shooter.

The incidents occurred on hog farms in Calhoun and Sac counties. Officials said in a press release, "The LP tanks have been located near or adjacent to modern, indoor hog barns. Other LP tanks, including those near grain storage facilities, have not been targeted."
Most of the tanks that were hit by bullets were pierced, officials said. In one case there was a ricochet which entered an employee room. No one was injured.
Now I'm sure it wouldn't be any environmental group involved in this. But maybe ALF has broadened out from releasing mink from farms in Iowa. Two Weeks After ALF Attack, Thousands of Mink Dead or Dying. Or it could be local vandals - who knows.

I wish the local sheriff's luck in catching the ones responsible.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family demands dog training for deputies

Lee county deputy approaches a home in September, yelled into the home drawing the attention of a sleeping dog. Dog awakens and rushes towards the deputy barking as dogs instinctively do. Deputy shoots the dog in the front leg and the owners had to amputate the leg of the dog. Residents say officer dog training needed

Owners are obviously upset that the Barney Fife shoots into their home striking their pet. Sheriff claims the deputy was in danger.
[Deputy]Wray's superiors, including Sheriff Buck Jones and Chief Deputy Jim Sholl, have reviewed the incident and concluded he acted appropriately.

"I think it's unfortunate that it happened ... but I'm not going to tell my deputies to take the chance on being bitten only to decide if the dog is friendly or not," Sholl said during an interview Tuesday.

"He (Wray) was there on a lawful purpose, walked into an open door and announced himself, and then here comes the dog, obviously aggressive. I think he reacted the only way he could. I would expect my deputy to do that rather than be bitten."
"Obviously aggressive" because the deputy shouldn't have entered the home in the first place.

So under Lee county rules they may enter a home that has a door open and it is "appropriate"? They don't have to knock on the door and wait? Maybe the cow wandered in through the open door and deputy Friendly was going to round him up.

If there was no evidence that a cow entered the home the cowboy deputy had no business entering. Period. That act of stupidity brought the dog to the home's defense. But the county will make it right with the family? Right?
The sheriff's office has declined to pay for veterinary care for the dog, which amounted to about $2,500.

"The deputy defended himself. I don't see that we have a financial obligation there," Sholl said.
Why argue with that logic?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

An addition to the list: "Freedom is Mandatory"

I need to add this guy to my list of blogs I go to. Freedom is Mandatory

He doesn't post everyday, but that's okay.

Mayor against gun rights petitions Obama

The organization known as Mayors Against Illegal Guns petitions Obama to adopt "broad" gun reforms. The usual boilerplate crap is listed, 450 Mayors Petition Obama To Adopt Broad Gun Reform with the end result as we all know is to make it harder for citizens to own firearms.

It seems that two Iowa mayors are listed with the group - Mayors Franklyn Crownie of Des Moines and Kate (Drowsy) Halloran of Cedar Rapids. She's famous for being caught falling asleep during flood recovery meetings last year. At first denying she did (she was in deep thought) and then conveniently revealing a sleep disorder.

She's not running for re-election. I wish her well.

New addition to what I read

Hope n' Change has been added to the list of blogs I go to read.

A perfect blend of wit and snark with a big side helping of talent. A cartoon a day and links to back up what has been created. Like: Why Is Your Ass Ticking?
To defeat inspections and metal detectors, an Al Qaeda terrorist recently smuggled a bomb to its target in his rectum...then had another terrorist detonate it with a cellphone call. Obviously, if Homeland Security decides to start checking all passengers for butt bombs, the airlines had better plan to give away plenty of complimentary drinks before boarding.

The only good news is that the terrorist failed to kill his intended victim, and succeeded only in blowing his own bowels into harmless but exceedingly repulsive bits of shrapnel. On the plus side, after forensic experts had measured the width of the crime scene, the dead terrorist was recognized posthumously as "biggest asshole" (at 33 meters) by the Guinness Book of World Records.
That's sad.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Armed man stops armed robbery

A bank robbery in Burlington, IA was halted by a man who had a concealed-carry permit. Crowd foils robbery

The headline is a bit inaccurate:
Henshaw said two men were largely responsible for subduing the would-be bank robber. One, a customer, happened to have a concealed-weapon permit. He went to his vehicle, retrieved his weapon and had Johnson at gunpoint while waiting for law enforcement, Henshaw said.
It's not clear why he wasn't carrying his weapon instead of storing it in his vehicle. But in Iowa, one has to have a permit to carry if you wish to legally have a loaded weapon in your vehicle. It's one of many laws that don't make much sense here.

Kudos to the citizens who "took the law into their own hands" and ended what could have been a tragedy and stopped a crime before the cops arrived.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Iowa Gun Owners gun show update

Iowa Gun Owners had the opportunity to run a booth at a gun show in Des Moines during the weekend of Sept 25, 26, and 27. Iowa Gun Owners has Successful Gun Show in Des Moines
Iowa - -( goal was to spread the message of Iowa Gun Owners to like minded 2nd Amendment supporters in Iowa as well as obtain petitions to the Iowa State Senate urging the Senate to vote on the REAL Right-to-Carry bill.

(After receiving a tie vote in the House last session of 49-49, our next goal is to obtain a vote in the State Senate so we can inform you, our members, where your State Senator stands on the 2nd Amendment.)
I didn't get a chance to be there last weekend.
The overwhelming message we took away from Des Moines is that the people of Iowa are sick and tired of a permit system that requires law abiding citizens to beg permission from the government to be able to defend their families.

The excitement at the No Compromise philosophy of IGO’s REAL Right-to-Carry bill was contagious. We had doctors, line workers, pastors, laborers, farmers, and even some law enforcement officers (yes, in full uniform) sign our petition and join our organization.
I would've liked to talk with Aaron.

To Chris Rants - I apologize for the name calling

Iowa Republican gubernatorial candidate Christopher Rants stopped by to leave a comment at my post State Pol calling for gun right amendment and first off, I'm surprised and humbled that he took the time to chastise an insignificant blow-hard like me.

I'm anonymous by choice and those who know me understand that. Chris Rants prefers that you can't see his profile. I intended to send an email to him, and since this started in "public", we can leave it here and hope he comes back to read it.

I will admit that my contempt for politicians sometimes gets the best of me and I reduce myself to name-calling and for that I apologize. It was unprofessional of me to do that. Mr Rants, please accept my apology. Please note in my reply to straightarrow that I hoped I was wrong about you.

And now for the "but":

"County club" is a term that's been around for decades and I think we know what it describes, and I'm not talking about your golf swing. I threw McCain in there because he's a lefty-moderate, and quite frankly, support for Romney isn't helping. His creation of Mass-care is Obama's model for the nation. But let's not go there.

Let's stick with the guns. "I'm gun-friendly because I have friends with guns" is similar to someone saying "I'm cool because I have African-American friends." I'm not trying to be flippant about that analogy. Owning a gun isn't just about exercising a right, it's a responsibility, and should be taken very seriously. And I hope you know that. Since you aren't a gun-owner, I doubt if you fully understand what it means to be one. You may in a philosophical sense, but not in a real sense.

Since you admit to never owning a gun, that means you've never filled out a 4473 form where you have to give your place of birth and race. You've never gone to your local sheriff and asked his permission to purchase a handgun or permission to carry concealed. You've never been turned down by a sheriff for no reason except you weren't his friend. (I know people who have.)

You and I both know how hard it is to get an amendment added to the State Constitution. But let me ask you this: If you're so pro-gun, why haven't you introduced an amendment in your years in the legislature? That's where this starts and you could have done this years ago before your campaign started. Have you introduced a Vermont-style carry bill? How about reciprocity with other states or open-carry? How about shall-issue, so that permits don't depend on the discretion of local sheriffs? Mr Rants, please go here and complete this: David Codrea's Gun questionnaire

If you've done this, please point this out to me. I would like to be wrong about you on this.

The people of Iowa deserve a leader and we are searching for one. But when you don't have a "pro-gun" history, your announcement (in my opinion) comes across as pandering. And trust me, if Brandstad or Gov. Chester had done this I'd have written the same things about them (or worse, because I really don't like them).

If you don't become governor, would you still introduce this amendment? You put the conditional of "When I'm elected" on there. Please show us leadership and introduce it anyway as soon as you can. Don't wait.

If you do, I will shake your hand, introduce myself and support you as much as I can.

I promise.

Also, I'm glad you won't do the pheasant hunt because seeing Kerry out here in his brand-new pressed orange vest was just unsettling and angered a lot of hunters.