Friday, December 31, 2010

The rush is on

Rush Is On For 'Shall Issue' Gun Permits

Officer Friendly gives his advice on the new gun law

Dubuque Police On New Iowa Gun Law

Don't show it.

If you meet one of them, tell them you're armed.

Always carry your permit.

Know the laws of the Iowa and other states you may be traveling to.

Get training.
And just in case you want to carry on city and county property?
Dubuque's City Manager, City Attorney, and Police Chief are reviewing options to determine if a policy/ordinance recommendation will be made to the City Council regarding permit holders carrying weapons in City buildings.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Guns, scaring the bejeezus out of people since 1375*

Dee Crowner, North Liberty Community Library Director, said she would like to see the library, the community center it is housed in and, in fact, all public buildings exempt from the law. The community center and library are routinely packed with children, she said.

“It kind of scares the bejeezus out of us, but we are a city department, not an antonymous library, so we will go with whatever the city decides,” Crowner said
Libraries, cities, banks examining options with new gun law

*Gun History dates. Someone could find another date, my point is only that it's been for a very long time.

The debate, guns in courthouses

This time in Clinton county.

It seems that they had an actual debate regarding the value of a sign banning firearms at the courthouse.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You don't want to hurt someone's feelings

Dubuque Law Enforcement Asking for Gun Cooperation
Both the Dubuque Police and the Sheriff’s Departments are urging permit holders to conceal their weapons even though the law will soon no longer require that.

Dubuque County Sheriff Don Vrotsos is asking nicely.

Vrotsos said, “It will ease the feelings of the other citizens if they are not walking around in plain view with a handgun.”
Because sometimes feelings get in the way of facts and stuff, right?

And the report:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not all Iowans are hoplophobes

Paul McConnell of Prairie City gives his opinion.
The new carry law, which takes effect on Jan. 1, simply provides a fair and consistent application process for all citizens throughout Iowa. Our state Legislature isn't caving in to the gun lobby; it's doing what is necessary to insure all Iowans are treated equally, regardless of the county in which they reside.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stranded's Christmas wish

Whether you are a Mr Bean fan or not, please enjoy this clip I found. The jazz rendition of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" starts at about 3:50 and one I always enjoy.

To all of my visitors, have a Merry Christmas and may God bless each and every one of you. It is my hope that God's grace be upon you and yours this Holiday season and in the year to come.

Thank you one and all.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hoplophobes, Iowa's full of them

More hoplophobes from Des Moines.

This one owns a consulting company who's banner reads:
where our consulting services result in respectful and productive working environments!
I didn't read a lot of respect in his letter.

This guy's a clown. Literally he's Kevin Pokorny - Popek the Clown

I would hope this wouldn't be the position he holds while begging for mercy to an armed thug. Mr Pokorny seems like a nice guy who tries to do a lot of good for his community.

Telling others they have no right to defend themselves on publicly owned property?

Maybe he should stick to entertaining kids.

Bad judgment to carry guns

Bremer County Sheriff Duane Hildebrandt thoughts on carrying guns:
"I'm asking you to...write a sort of policy to discourage people from bringing (firearms) on county property," Hildebrandt told supervisors. "It's simply bad judgement[sic] to carry guns in some locations."
Notwithstanding current state law: 724.28 Prohibition of regulation by political subdivisions.
A political subdivision of the state shall not enact an ordinance regulating the ownership, possession, legal transfer, lawful transportation, registration, or licensing of firearms when the ownership, possession, transfer, or transportation is otherwise lawful under the laws of this state. An ordinance regulating firearms in violation of this section existing on or after April 5, 1990, is void.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday (not so) funnies, Gun Control special

Keokuk debates on gun ordinance

The Keokuk city council tabled a proposed ordinance that would have made it illegal to carry a weapon on city property.
On Thursday (12/16), the Keokuk City Council voted 5-4 to table a proposed ordinance that would prohibit anyone from carrying any offensive weapon as defined in the Iowa Code on several city properties, including City Hall, the municipal airport, public library and all city parks.

The proposal drafted by Mayor Tom Marion and City Attorney Steve Swan is in response to Iowa’s new law, which goes into effect next year, that will allow anyone to carry a firearm as long as they have obtained a permit from the county sheriff and have passed a course. However, firearms will not be allowed on school property.
How would this jive with current state law, 724.28 Prohibition of regulation by political subdivisions.?
A political subdivision of the state shall not enact an ordinance regulating the ownership, possession, legal transfer, lawful transportation, registration, or licensing of firearms when the ownership, possession, transfer, or transportation is otherwise lawful under the laws of this state. An ordinance regulating firearms in violation of this section existing on or after April 5, 1990, is void.
The key words are possession and lawful transportation per Iowa code.

If passed, they would certainly open themselves up to lawsuits and the costs associated with that.

Hoplophobia, it's everywhere.

Multiple gun purchase requirement proposal

Kurt Hofmann is reporting the proposed change that the ATF wishes to implement on us. This change would require an FFL dealer to report a customer who purchases more than one long gun.
...the possibility that in addition to the 42-year-old requirement to report multiple handgun sales (as part of the Gun Control Act of 1968), multiple sales of long guns (rifles and shotguns, in other words) would now have to be reported.
Gun owners must speak up to stop long gun sales reporting requirementWhile it's supposed to be for those dealers along the Mexican border, is there any doubt that this would soon go nationwide?

They want to implement this rule by Jan 5th, and Kurt has the contact information so our voices can be heard. Others have suggested to contact our members of Congress and that's not a bad idea either. (Although Harkin would be a waste of time.)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Short sighted doctor knows better than you

A little pants wetting in Des Moines by a D.O., Legislature shouldn't cave in to gun lobby

He feels intimidated.

Carrying guns is dangerous.

The powerful gun lobby.

The changes in Iowa law was brought about more by the grass roots efforts of the citizens of this state than by the big, bad and scary NRA.

What would have this guy done if we had passed real Constitutional carry here?

I will agree that we need laws that make sense. But also laws that don't cave to fear.

UPDATE: A comment by an alert reader pointed out that D.O. is actually a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine not an Doctor of Ophthalmology (O.D.) Although an OD can also be a DO according to the MedicineNet article. A DO can practice family medicine as well as the psychiatric arts.

Thanks for pointing out my mistake, I should know better.

David E. Drake, D.O. is a practicing psychiatrist in Des Moines.

With all of his fear issues, maybe he should see a shrink.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

On the list

I thought trace data was not supposed to be disclosed, but several articles have come out parroting this Washington Post article: Realco guns tied to 2,500 crimes in D.C. and Maryland

Ohio gun store No. 1 for traces; state shop No. 3

Badger Guns Makes Top Ten List For Guns Traced

Police Chief Flynn Upset At Badger Guns

But this article explains it:Badger Guns ranked sixth in national list for bad gun stores
The Brady Center to prevent gun violence listed what they call the top 10 crime gun dealers in America. Badger Guns was number six on that list with what the center called 1,700 guns traced back to crimes.
The source for this list was the Brady Center.

How did they get the data? Or did they just make it up?

As Badger Gun owner Adam Allan remarks:
Badger Gun owner Adam Allan tells TODAYSTMJ4 Reporter Charles Benson, "I dont know where they got those crooked numbers." He declined to go on camera because of pending lawsuits. But he did call back to tell us the number of traces this year was 110 not the hundreds suggested by the Post.
The people suing Badger Guns are coming up with these numbers. Again, the Bradys.

Trace data in and of itself, only means the authorities are trying to find where it came into the market. Having a trace on a gun, does not necessarily mean the firearm was used in a crime.

But several of these articles could lead the reader to equate a gun trace = illegal sale.

"Straw purchaser" charged

Federal Charges Filed Over Man's Gun Purchase
Authorities said Daniels falsely stated to Pawn & Gun Sales, a licensed firearms dealer, that he was the actual transferee or buyer of a pistol and that he was not acquiring it on behalf of another person.

The indictment said Daniels was purchasing the gun for Robert Sears. Police said Sears shot and killed his girlfriend, Carrie Russell, 24, and then later himself.
Violation of laws here: Straw purchasing, violation of protective order, person who has restraining order in possession of a firearm and probably a few others.

A victim has little chance against someone with murderous intent.

Monday, December 13, 2010

NRA's agenda in Iowa

The NRA's agenda here in Iowa for the upcoming legislative session includes:
1. No permit needed to carry a gun

2. Prevent stricter gun laws in cities or counties

3. Use of deadly force without consequence

4. Right to bear arms (State Constitutional Amendment)

5. No confiscating guns in emergencies

6. Reform the new gun permit law
For details, go to NRA wants Legislature to loosen gun rules

Open carry caution

Something to think about come January 1st here in Iowa, David Codrea has an introduction to his Gun Rights column:
Despite the practice being “lawful” in many states (not to mention being a fundamental right), gun owners who openly carry firearms often place themselves in legal and physical jeopardy from police reactions.
The reactions of law enforcement officers and the public in general should be a consideration for those wishing to openly carry here in the state.

Iowa is treading into new territory and there are plenty of hoplophobes here that see a firearm and would call the authorities. Once police are involved, and an overzealous officer ("they’ll be face down in a snow bank in Iowa") or a nervous citizen, it then becomes an interesting day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Iowa "Intelligence" Office audited

An office created to "pump up the exchange of safety intelligence information" was audited, where it was discovered that almost $67,000 was "misspent."

I think the word is stolen, but let's not quibble over semantics here.

According to the article, charges are not expected against the four who were employed by the Atlantic police department.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sheriffs are afraid... of guns

"Some sheriffs didn't like people carrying concealed weapons, so they gave out very few permits," says Sioux County Sheriff Dan Altena.

But, now, they'll have no choice. January 1st If you have a clean background, you'll be qualified to carry handguns in the state of Iowa. It's a new law that's got some officials in concerned.

"I think that there are some Sheriff's [sic] that are very afraid, they don't have the right to say no when [sic] want to," says Sheriff Altena.

New laws may allow more Iowans to carry guns
The Sioux County sheriff seems to understand the fear mongering that has been going on throughout the state. Almost to the point that some would hope something goes wrong, that way the sheriffs could pile it on with the "I told you so" to the Iowa legislature.

Besides committing one of my pet peeves in the article (using "their" instead of the proper "there"), the title is a bit troublesome to me.

"Allow"? Really?

The only thing the new law "allows" are law-abiding citizens to go get permission to exercise a right. Does the law "allow" criminals to carry? No, there are laws on the books already for that.

Strike that. A piece of paper neither "allows" nor "prohibits" any action, but proscribes a threat of force if a member of society does not comply with the law. If one is unperturbed by the threat, then non-compliance is not an issue to them. (Just don't flout the law in Keokuk.) Actions (or non-actions) and consequences.

Only law-abiding citizens obviously comply with the law.

In a few weeks, Iowa will have a new method of legally exercising a right.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Keokuk is getting ready for the guns

I've posted before about the upcoming carry permit change in our state, chronicling the viewpoints of many anti-gun sheriffs and mayors. Here's more to add to the list: Keokuk and Lee county. With an opening line:
Keokuk police are planning for the worst and hoping for the best after the new open carry law goes into effect Jan. 1, 2011.
Sounds like prudent advice, but then we have lines like these from long-time County Attorney, Mike Short
Short said the community could face the type of scenario where “five weeks from now, someone walks into a business and they’re packing their shotgun and have their pistol at their side and wants to talk to the S.O.B. who” – fill in the blank.
You mean some dirtbag couldn't do that before the new law takes affect? I'm sure that's never happened before and somehow the new carry law will magically transform peaceable citizens into cold-hearted killers. I guess Short doesn't understand the current laws on the books (he doesn't) regarding menacing and threats of violence.

And remember, signs are powerful shields that prevent anyone from bringing a firearm into your business:
“If it’s posted not to (carry weapons), we will charge them for trespass,” Short said. “Bar owners are encouraged really strongly to take action (and post their establishments). If you call us and tell us someone is there with a weapon you’ll have a police response.”
Maybe he does understand what a "threat" means? And what kind of police response should one expect down there?

Keokuk police chief, Tom Crew (and his crew) have the answer:
“We’re going to have our hands full,” Crew said. “There’s no playbook, no handbook for this. We haven’t even seen what the permit is going to look like. It’s going to change how we do police work in Keokuk. If we stop someone who is carrying a weapon we’ll request a permit. If they don’t present it and we see a firearm in the vehicle, they’ll be face down in a snow bank in Iowa.
Nice to know they employ threats of violence to keep us in line. Presumably with a heel grinding into the back of the head to let you know who's in charge.

Crew is actually saying what he thinks of the Second Amendment and citizens rights. You may have a right to keep and bear arms but only how he sees fit. Just having one in your possession will be met with force, you wouldn't need to use it in a threatening manner towards an officer. Have a gun and Johnny-Law will take you down.

And yea, I know "it's the law", but the law should be tempered with justice. At least that's how I was raised and with working with LEOs from years ago, they did too. But I guess that's my naive viewpoint of the world and how it should be.

What this cabal did was to inform the public that they have every reason to fear someone when they carry a gun.

A gun = threat.

Good job, public servants.

Death to the school bake sale

Over at State29:
Sieg Heil to the Food Nazi: Tom Harkin! The Brave New World is upon us. Hail Obama! Bow down to your Messiah!
Another intrusion into our lowly citizens' lives through better legislation. Thanks once again to Senator Tom Harkin.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Homeland Security Compiling TSA Enemies List

Report: Homeland Security Compiling TSA Enemies List
The secret memo was written “in response to the growing public backlash against enhanced TSA security screening procedures and the agents conducting the screening process,” explained the DHS document’s introductory paragraph. It was issued in the form of an “administrative directive” after high-level meetings between American “security” bosses like Janet Napolitano and TSA overlord John Pistole. And Obama apparently approved.

The memo reportedly labels opponents of the TSA’s heavy-handed groping, naked-body scanners, and other procedures as “domestic extremists.”
As David Codrea has often said, "They hate us because we're free."

Protest TSA, get labeled as a "terrorist threat" and your name gets put on a list. Remember the Brady bunch and members of Congress want to use that list to deny your right to arms.

Free speech ain't so free.

Sunday (not so) funnies, 12/5/10

Friday, December 3, 2010

The coming farm war

My reflections of the farming agitators of 80 years ago have to do with what current event?

Insurrection in Iowa? Iowa farm history lesson

Cedar County Cow War

Oh, IT'S ON!!

The current farm bill (S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010) that passed the Senate with yes votes from both Harkin and Grassley, is currently in limbo because the Senate unconstitutionally added a "fee" to the bill and only appropriations can originate in the House.
Section 107 of the bill includes a set of fees that are classified as revenue raisers, which are technically taxes under the Constitution. According to a House GOP leadership aide, that section has ruffled the feathers of Ways and Means Committee Democrats, who are expected to use the blue slip process to block completion of the bill.
All window dressing to entertain us, I'm sure. It's got a real good chance of passing anyway.

Why do I say that? Because this bill would bring more power to the federal government to prevent "bad" food from entering the market. Like raw milk or free range chickens. This bill allows federal agents access to a farm's livestock, fields and fodder.

Bawb gave us the lowdown a while back
#1 All food production facilities in the United States will be required to register with the U.S. government. No food will be allowed to be grown, distributed or sold outside this bureaucratic framework unless the FDA allows it.

#2 Any food that is distributed or sold outside of U.S. government control will be considered illegal smuggling.

#3 The FDA will hire an army of new inspectors to enforce all of the new provisions in the bill.

See more of his warnings at The Cream Police
And what can a lowly peasant farmer do when agents come knocking to check if his cows have bovine disease du jour? I know the Senate added a provision to exempt small operators (define those) and the House is none too pleased.

Farm Holiday? Strikes? What lessons can we learn from our parents and grandparents who worked the fields by hand and not riding some $800,000 combine. (I'm okay with this, just making the point that there was a hell of a lot of toil and sweat in the fields years ago that ain't there now.) If we can repeat what they did right and avoid what they did wrong, maybe the farm can be saved.

But don't count on it, the bill has a good chance of passing when Ol' Senator Harkin has something up his sleeve after admitting the House has passed unconstitutional bills before.

Remember, we are all Kulaks now.
The government, the planners, the leaders who directed the robbery, even the government employees themselves "knew better than the peasants how they should live, and what they should sow and when they should plough."

Page 168, "Death by Gun Control", Zelman and Stevens

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Jim Ross Lightfoot" brings attention to lowly blog

Alternate title: Opportunistic blogger posts for more attention, receives hits by the tens.

I link to a couple of sites: Former congressman urges ATF oversight hearings

And: Former Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Jim Lightfoot urges ATF oversight hearings

Apparently this is bringing attention to some:

A former congressman from my home state, who represented my district before Boswell took over after redistricting. According to his Wiki site and Lightfoot Strategies:
Lightfoot’s personal and professional awards include the Oscar in Agriculture Award, Jason Award, AOPA Hartranft Award, FAA Excellence Award, Honorary ATF Agent, Top Cops Award and Secret Service Director's Award. He serves on the board of directors for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).
And from his About Us page:
From a very young boy forward, my Father made it a point to drill into me that your word was your bond, your reputation sacred and your honesty the mark of a real man. Those lessons were burned indelibly into my brain and have served well over many years.
As an honorary ATF agent and federal law enforcement agencies give him accolades, maybe he can be taken seriously.

But my guess is that he will be vilified instead.

Oh, IT'S ON!!

A brief history of Sioux City agitator and commie "progressive" farm advocate, Wallace Short by W. H. Cumberland.
For years, Short had been one of lowa's colorful and controversial figures. His opposition to prohibition and the Woodbury County Anti-Saloon League cost him a prestigious pulpit at First Congregational Church in Sioux City. Several years later, he astounded western Iowa conservatives by winning the mayoralty at the head of a labor ticket. He attracted national attention by defending the free speech rights of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and by delivering, in April 1919, a daring address before a convention of "wobblies" held in the Missouri River community -- which nearly resulted in his dismissal as mayor in a heated recall election. In 1921, while still mayor, he preached the funeral sermon of an Islamic packinghouse striker who had shot the son of the county sheriff and was killed in turn; and he was one of the few Iowa public officials who, during the zenith of their power, openly attacked the Ku Klux Klan, whom he described as "jackals who hunt in packs under cover of night." [1] Sioux City Journal, September 14, 1923.
Farm Holidays, farmer strikes, blockaded roads by angry farmers... 1931 and 1932 were interesting times for agriculture in Iowa.

In August, 1932 about 1500 farmers prevented milk producers from reaching Roberts Dairy processors in Sioux City. By September, Governor Turner threatened to mobilize the National Guard, which produced the desired results of breaking the blockade. The this account and others I've read, the strike and blockade very nearly turned violent.

This fellow reminds me of another guy from the Sioux City area: Bob Vander Plaats.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Iowa State University carry permit advice

Editorial: Feel free to carry a gun, but educate yourself first
You need to take advantage of your ability to exercise your constitutional rights, don't let them stagnate. There will be those that turn their nose up at you if you decide to use your First Amendment right and defend the civil rights of the LGBT community. Likewise, there will be those who act shocked if you decided to take up arms.

You are your own person; make your own decisions whether or not you will exercise your rights. They are yours, no one else's.
What? No blood on the streets editorial?


Former Iowa Congressman urges ATF oversight

Former congressman urges ATF oversight hearings

Former Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Jim Lightfoot urges ATF oversight hearings
Pick one or two agencies for the 'Mr. Clean' treatment. Go after them in high profile. You will be surprised how many other agencies will start to clean up their acts.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) would be a good place to start. It is one of the smaller agencies, therefore completing the audits and investigations will take less time. It is an agency that has drifted for nearly 6 years without a permanent Director.
Sounds good to me.

I wondered what happened to old Jim Ross.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cedar County Cow War

Completely unaware of the period known as the Cow War, I decided to use the internet for more information. Isn't that what it's for?

What started as a protest against state intrusion onto their farms, the so-called Cedar County Cow War resulted in mostly civil unrest and minor violence. No one was killed in the few months of 1931 during which hundreds of Cedar County farmers prevented state veterinarians from inspecting their cattle for bovine TB. The only casualty was a guardsman who accidentally shot himself in the foot or maybe shot himself in the stomach while cleaning his rifle. Once the National Guard was called out, the movement fizzled.

Read more at:
The Cedar County Cow War of 1931

Iowa Cow War

The papers of Grant White at the University of Iowa - a collection of news releases from the late 20's and early 30's chronicling Cedar County incidents. But you're going to have to go to Iowa City to read them.

Why didn't these farmers rise up in violence against the state?

One reason would be the 1400+ National Guard troops, as staring down the barrel of a gun with a fixed bayonet tends to change one's outlook. But another possibility could be the Quaker history of the county and their roots in non-violence. Breaking windows, and pelting the veterinarians with eggs seems to have been it. Taking up arms against fellow Iowans would have required a much larger leap.
"...we are first of all peace loving American citizens, and we do not want, unless forced by further arbitrary confiscation of our property, to enter into controversy with the officers and young men of the state militia, who, we feel, do not understand our grievences."
From Milo Reno, Farmers Union pioneer By Roland A. White which contains a detailed, but slanted, history of the Cow War in Iowa.

It's worth the read. From the link:
Oh yes they put it over
And they have us on the run
They're the doctors, judge and jury
And appraisers all in one.

What can you do about it
When your choicest cow they kill?
Just pretend to like it
While your taxes pay the bill.

From Knights of the Squirt Guns - J. S. Stamp
Other counties in Iowa held their own protests during this period, but it seems the biggest rabble rousers were from Cedar County and from Sioux City.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Insurrection in Iowa? Iowa farm history lesson

The Des Moines Register gives us a glimpse back to one the bleakest times in Iowa's agricultural history.

I listened to many of these same stories from my father and grandfathers. But I hadn't heard of the posting of machine guns at intersections in an effort to keep the farmers in check.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'll be groped for Christmas

By Des Moines artist Roxi Copland

"It's got to stop"

And putting these two in prison for life is a good start.

SE Iowa counties consider gun bans

With Iowa's preemption law prohibiting local municipalities from enacting gun control measures, this may be a tough row to hoe.

Des Moines, Henry and Lee counties are considering banning weapons within their control:
Regarding the Des Moines County Courthouse, Des Moines County Sheriff Mike Johnstone, a vocal opponent of the new law, said he will meet with supervisors today to discuss security options at the North Main Street building.

"I encourage anyone coming in the courthouse not to come armed," he said.
Does that include law enforcement personnel?
Lee County Sheriff Jim Sholl said he's not planning any adjustments in Lee County's courthouses in Keokuk and Fort Madison.

"I know our county attorney is prepared to propose an ordinance before the board which basically states no weapons on county property or on county buildings," Sholl said.
And Henry county?
In Henry County, Sheriff Allen Wittmer said he and his deputies make periodic runs to the courthouse to check security. As far as making adjustments, he shares the opinions of Johnstone and Sholl.

"I urge (the board of supervisors) to talk to the county attorney and get some guidance from him on what could or could not be done," Wittmer said.
I wonder why there is such hostility towards regular common folk by the Des Moines county sheriff:
"There is a law against intimidating public officials or creating disturbance inside a public building," Johnstone said. "There's going to be discussions across the state regarding this (possible ordinances.)"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Out of steam, 11/21/10

Upgrade weekend that lasted longer than planned (and I prepared for an extended downtime).

With only 3 hours of sleep, I'm definitely out of steam today.

Update 11/23 - the upgrade introduced a whole host of new and exciting features like:
Random disconnects to the database.

Permission change that prevents users from saving work.

"Informative" notices to users of non-existent network/server errors.
So the past two days have been spent dealing with these unresolved issues.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sombody is looking at the wrong cookbook

Regarding the new carry permit law:
"It's a recipe for disaster," [Sheriff] Johnstone said.
And the old canard:
"This is like a return to the Old West," Supervisor Dan Cahill said, calling the relaxed permit standard "a step backward" for civilization.
A step back for civilization? Really?

Back to when men were men and women were women. Where Winchester and Colt ruled the West.

Keep in mind this is Des Moines county that has been ruled by Democrats for the last 50+ years.
"I'm required to sign (permits)," Johnstone said. "Even for those I know in my heart should not be carrying."
How nice that his heart is in protecting us mere citizens. (Sigh) And how many permits has this fine protector of the weak signed recently?

In 2008 it was 211 non-professional permits from over 40,000 residents.

But his heart is in the right place.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Backlog in carry classes in Iowa

According to this article at KCRG regarding the carry law going into effect January 1, there is a backlog of 6 to 8 weeks to get a class.

In response to concerns of local sheriffs, a director of one of the companies conducting classes had this to say:
“As long as the person has done the firearm safety course that’s required and can successfully complete the background check, I don’t think it’s really about personal opinion,” [Rob] Shewmake said.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2nd Amendment Forum at Southern Illinois

I missed getting this out earlier
The issue of gun ownership rights in Illinois will be the focus of a forum next week at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

"The Second Amendment in Focus," will be at 6 p.m., Monday, Nov. 15, in the Student Center Auditorium. The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute is sponsoring the event. Admission is free, and the event is open to the public.

Forum at SIUC will focus on Second Amendment
The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute is run by David Yepsen, long time political hack writer for the Des Moines Register. (For more insight into Yepsen look at State29.)

For those of us who missed the forum go to Second Amendment in Focus:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pistol grip shotgun definition

Mike Vanderboegh reminds us of the current ATF definition of a pistol grip shotgun by emailing the ATF and demanding enforcement of the regulation?
The November 2009 FFL Newsletter (found at states that a "Pistol Grip Firearm" (generically, a pump action shotgun with a pistol grip) is not a "shotgun." An October 27, 2010, letter from the Firearms Technology Branch ruled that such a firearm, with a 17" barrel and 26-1/4" overall length, was not subject to the National Firearms Act.
By ATF definitions, they would be classified a "any other weapon" along the lines of a sawed off shotgun.
S.T. 779 further states that "The test described by the [National Firearms] for determining whether a particular weapon comes within the classification of 'any other weapon' . . . is not the length of the barrel, but whether the weapon is capable of being concealed on the person," and that the foregoing gun met the definition of "any other weapon" under the NFA.
The potential legal ramifications come up if the use of such a weapon is prosecuted and then the precedent is set.
There are millions of such "pistol grip firearms" that have been lawfully owned by millions of law-abiding citizens for many years, and they are manufactured by a variety of firearms manufacturers. If these firearms were ruled to be NFA firearms, they would be instantly and involuntarily converted into illegal contraband. Moreover, under current law, there is no legal mechanism to enable their continued legal possession except by (1) registering them as NFA firearms during an amnesty established by the Attorney General, or (2) a change in the NFA law, which must be enacted by the Congress and signed by the President.
Something to think about.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The SPLC's war against the "right"

Being off on my misadventures this past week, I need to spend some time to catch up.

David Codrea gives us a three part series:
What this video does is intentionally widens the “us vs. them” divide between citizens and police, heightens the paranoia, and makes the most innocuous of encounters much more dangerous. Now, thanks to SPLC, something as simple as having a political bumper sticker on your car, supposedly protected speech, takes a heightened alert situation and urges police to view non-leftist political sentiment as a potentially lethal personal threat. Because with all the conflation, what message will be enough to trigger a protective reaction?

Did SPLC just make it dangerous to have a ‘conservative’ bumper sticker?
Click here for Part Two: "Is ATF's Cavanaugh a credible SPLC spokesman?"

Click here for Part Three: "Violent leftists agree with SPLC and 'Waco Jim' on threat from the armed right"

Sunday (not so) funnies, 11/14/10

Saturday, November 13, 2010

War stories - Verne Seidel

Captured by the enemy: Raymond veteran recalls his WWII POW experience

Sheriffs will comply with new permit law

This ace cub reporter at the Des Moines Register dishes out the dramatic adjectives to bring a compelling story to our attention:
Many Iowa sheriffs still have grave concerns about a new state gun law, but they will follow its requirements on issuing permits to carry weapons, two leading sheriffs said Wednesday.
"Grave concerns". In other words, these sheriffs expect death and destruction because of the new permit law.

No real investigation regarding the current law or the history of the changes:
The sheriffs association said sheriffs currently issue more than 36,000 weapons permits statewide a year, and deny few permits.
Tell that to the citizens of Johnson, Louisa, Des Moines or the other counties where the sheriff routinely turned people down. The number of denials would steadily go down because people wouldn't waste their time.

The title of the article is ridiculous: County sheriffs say they'll comply with gun law

You mean sheriffs were ready to not comply?

I think those who have voiced their "concerns" understand that if they didn't "comply" they would have to defend themselves in front of a judge at some point. Just ask Osceola County Sheriff Douglas L. Weber how that went.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unknown outcomes

I should know early next week if my adventures in traveling yesterday will result in this "happy train":
Or this:

But for right now, I'm out of steam.

Late night on tap to implement a new system and get ready for a version upgrade.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Domestic violence in Iowa

Some truth revealed in this article"
But they also acknowledge that no document is powerful enough to bind abusers intent on causing harm or worse.

"It's a piece of paper," said Andrea Charlow, associate dean of Drake University Law School. "If someone is willing to come close enough to be a threat, the protective order is only as good as how fast the police can respond."

Survivors of abuse know threats loom
You may judge this:
Generally, victims' advocates recommend against getting a gun for protection.

"It's an option we don't really discuss," said Stark, of the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence. "Things can backfire. If the batterer gets control of that weapon, then what happens? It's just a bad idea to bring a weapon into the situation."
And I didn't know Iowa registered gun owners
Lara O'Neal describes herself as a domestic abuse survivor rather than a victim. She is a registered gun owner, but the day her estranged husband attacked her at her mother's home, the gun was out of reach.

"I could get a conceal-and-carry permit, but it's not an end-all, be-all solution," she said.
(Hint: that would be no)

I would agree with her statement on carry permits, it isn't the end but rather the beginning. Training and the will to use it in the event an attacker would take your life or another. And the most powerful handgun in the world doesn't do one any good if it is out of reach.

I've advocated for training and carry for all women to protect themselves from the worst of society. Men too.

Tax us more

After listening to commercials stating the "Clean up Iowa" amendment was not a tax increase, the Des Moines Register is calling for a tax increase to fund it.

Creating a special fund (with the next sales tax increase) and bureaucracy to manage it, this was approved by over 60% of voters. I think most people voted in favor of it because a clean environment sounds good, not thinking that someone enforces it.

Anyone who has had to deal with the state DNR would attest to their sometimes arbitrary rules and the spider web of regulations one has to go through.

Private property rights in Iowa died on November 2nd, 2010.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Iowa gun shows for November 2010

Nov 5-7 Des Moines, Adventureland

Nov 12-14 Cedar Rapids, Hawkeye Downs

Nov 19-21 Ottumwa, Bridgeview Center, 102 Church St

Nov 26-28 Des Moines, Iowa State Fairgrounds
*** I get this list from the link below and other searches and I can't guarantee the accuracy of the list. If anyone notices a show that needs to be corrected, please let me know in the comments.

For more details go to Iowa Gun Shows

State29 post election recap

While I'm on a (sort of) hiatus, enjoy State29's postings about our election:

Not That Much Really Changed In Iowa

Staci Appel's Landslide Loss

More About Judicial Retention In Iowa

Thursday, November 4, 2010

At the Crossroads

Like many of us, the Stranded household is coming to a crossroads of sorts. At a point in time that I refer to as "IF." Similar to the programming statement whose results could go in diverging directions based on IF, THEN, OR ELSE.

I've been at a crossroad many times before and if I had gone down a different path, I wouldn't be here. And I was supposed to be here, in this place, at this time. And I think I know why. Years from now, I will understand better.

Now I'm coming up to another crossroad and I'm not as prepared as I would like.

If we take the right path, this could be a very good thing.

Or it could end up very ugly, too.

To my regular visitors, please be patient, I'll return to my regular cynical self soon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pro gun candidates, the wins

Big wins for Tom Shaw in the Iowa House and Kent Sorenson in the State Senate.

For more results of pro-gun candidates, go here.

From Iowa Gun Owners

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Badger Guns lawsuit, part II

My previous look at the current lawsuit against Badger Guns of the greater Milwaukee Metro area, outlined a brief history of some of the vilification that has been waged against the gun store.

I've said since day one that if they are actually guilty of something other than following the rules, the ATF would have been all over them.

Today I'll begin my examination of the lawsuit itself. Please understand, I'm not an attorney and offer no legal expertise except that from a common cynical perspective.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel examined the lawsuit and graciously pointed out that it ain't gonna fly:
A lawsuit against Badger Guns filed Thursday by Milwaukee police officers wounded with guns from the store will face several high hurdles, the first if it is allowable under federal law, legal experts said.
Something about that lawful firearm commerce act or some such thing. As long as a dealer follows the law, they can't be held liable for criminal activity based on a purchase.

Seems straightforward to me. Except this is economic warfare we are dealing with.

As I pointed out before, the local politicians, police chief, and a congress critter, have all wanted the owner's head. All because of this:
It argues that the store employees knew or should have known that Jose M. Fernandez was a daily drug user and could not legally buy the guns. It said another red flag was that Fernandez bought the guns six days apart, avoiding a federal reporting requirement. It also alleges that Badger Guns is a public nuisance and seeks action to change that.
The first part, known or should have known: My local gun dealer would reasonably know or should know that I am a daily user of di-hydro oxide. Why? When I walk into his store, I'm fairly well kept and wear unstained clothing. Would he know or should know that I may be a daily user of a chemical substance (C12H22O11) outside of any obvious withdrawals (sugar high), I wouldn't think so.

If someone checks the No box on a 4473 form to the question asking if they use illegal pharmaceuticals, how the hell is a gun dealer supposed to know one way or the other? Is there a followup question asking who their dealer is? Make people give a urine sample as a way to prove ourselves worthy?

Next, the six days apart scenario: I've purchased a firearm from a dealer, then later I returned on the same day and purchased a second one because the price was right.

By that logic, I'm an evil straw purchaser. Just because I bought more than one gun in a arbitrary time frame.

Lastly, Badger Guns is a nuisance: A legal business, selling a legal (and highly regulated) product is a nuisance, just for existing. This article doesn't pursue that angle, but I suspect that the nuisance they are talking about is the firearm itself.

Gunning officers down with illegally obtained firearms should bring full judgment and retribution against the perpetrator who pulled the trigger. On that, I think we can all agree.

Until evidence is shown (beyond a reasonable doubt, not some civil court's "preponderance of evidence" rules) I think this has been an effort to drive gun dealers out of business. If that happens, all we will have left is the overpriced Gander Mountains. If that.

This is a drive against private sales as well. How could an individual defend themselves if they sold a firearm that ended up being used in a murder?

I really doubt that anyone from Badger Guns willingly and knowingly would sell to someone if they had a reasonable suspicion it would end up in the wrong hands. And at the same time, say "no sale" if/when the person passes the NICS check. There'd be a civil rights lawsuit there.

If Badger's if found guilty in a criminal court, they deserve what they get.

In civil court, it looks like an effort to use them as an example to the rest of us.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Blame the Dealer

Kurt Hofmann points to an article by the Washington Post:
The Washington Post has, over the course of this week, run what they're calling an "investigation"--a multi-part hit piece on gun dealers, blaming them for "gun crime."
With Brady Bunch getting their knickers in a twist about a gun store in Milwaukee, and the Post describing non-violating violations, could there be a pattern developing?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Badger Guns lawsuit

David Codrea first alerted us at War on Guns regarding the lawsuit against Badger Guns that was filed last week. The plaintiffs are two Milwaukee police officers and the city of Milwaukee. Read the complaint.

First off, I'm not an attorney but will only look at this through the lens of common sense. Secondly, I have no connection to the defendants, Badger Guns and its predecessor, Badger Outdoors. My only interest in this is that it appears that a FFL dealer has been accused of knowingly engaging in supplying firearms to the felons of Milwaukee and by accusation alone, should be drummed out of business.

A look at Badger Guns over the past year:

I've been posting about Badger Guns for a while now and Kurt Hofmann has done the same.

By all reports in the local Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the ATF is not actively engaged in an investigation of the current business, Badger Guns. However, the ATF had cited Badger Outdoors of numerous violations and recommended their license be revoked. The owner of Badger Outdoors voluntarily turned in his FFL license and sold the business to his son and the name changed to Badger Guns.

Local politicians and newspapers seem to think there is some funny business going on and there could be. But the only thing that happened was a FFL holder gave up his license and his son took over the assets of the business. My understanding of how one obtains an FFL is that background checks are performed and fingerprints taken to identify the licensee in order to conduct an investigation. The ATF granted the new license at some time in 2007.

It would seem to me that if violations were so severe during the Badger Outdoors years, they would not have granted a license to the son of an accused habitual violator. The Journal Sentinel has accused the father of still having ties with the current business, again this seems like a supposition on their part. While it could be true, their logic is that since it was owned by the father and now owned by the son and they are related so there must be a business relationship.

Badger Guns has been accused of knowingly allowing straw purchasers to purchase firearms by not preventing felons into their store through "scanning the identification of everyone coming into the store" and demanding "that anyone who comes into the store to buy a gun or shoot on the range sign a sworn affidavit saying he is not a criminal or committing a crime."

If someone is going to commit a felony by lying on a 4437 form to purchase a firearm, is it really going to be a big deal to sign a "sworn affidavit?"

If Badger Guns was such a profit driven business that it would sell any firearm to anyone, then why did they alert local police of a felon who tried to purchase a handgun at their store?
Authorities had notified the store that the suspect, Carlos Flores, might come in.

Flores did come in and the store called police. West Milwaukee Police arrested Flores.
The cynical among us would say they were trying to save their backsides.

Th vilification of Badger Guns has been ongoing for over a year. Newspapers in both Madison and Milwaukee, local politicians, police chiefs and even a congresswoman have all tried to pile it on to this local FFL holder. Please look at the previous posts by myself and Kurt. They give the history behind this witch hunt.

It has been my contention from the start that if Badger Guns was truly not following the law regarding gun sales, the ATF would have been shutting them down or hauling them off to jail.

In one of the articles by the Journal Sentinel I previously had this thought:
The article goes on about the overworked ATF investigators and the practically non-existent regulations regarding delving into a dealers operation. Something I find hard to believe after having talked to dealers I know.
"In 99.9% of the time, it doesn't need to be adversarial. We are all working toward the same goal," said Sherry Duval, an ATF spokeswoman. "Our business is not to put them out of business."
Tell that to Red's Trading Post.
Taking Ms Duval at her word, it's not the ATF's job to put dealers out of business, it's the Brady Campaign's job.

Iowa candidates on Guns Rights V

Southwestern and Western Iowa:

3 Days Until the Election - Learn Who Supports Your Gun Rights!

Learn which candidates submitted surveys to Iowa Gun Owners

Sunday (not so) funnies, 10/31/10

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brady and Milwaukee sue Badger Guns

In a blatant BS lawsuit against Badger Guns of Milwaukee, the City of Milwaukee (with Brady Campaign assistance) filed a lawsuit alleging the gun store didn't know a purchaser was a felon. As if passing a background check isn't enough, Brady assumes that each FFL possess a crystal ball to predict if a potential buyer will use their purchase in a future crime.

David Codrea has more and the links to Brady's filings.

(Update: corrected the link to David's site, sorry)

David Codrea interviews Larry Pratt

A question and answer from War on Guns' David Codrea: Interview with GOA's Larry Pratt

Iowa candidates on Guns Rights IV

Central Iowa candidates:

4 Days Until the Election - Learn Who Supports Your Gun Rights!

Learn which candidates submitted surveys to Iowa Gun Owners

Friday, October 29, 2010

Blood in the streets

Coming January First, 2011...
While Iowa gun enthusiasts are celebrating a landmark liberalization in state law, Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner and some colleagues are bracing for it.

“The general public is going to freak out when they see people walking down the street with guns strapped to their hip,” Gardner said.

Sheriffs still lobbying to tweak gun-permit law, insist on training standards
Scaring the weak and frail, just in time for Halloween.

It's a bit unclear whether one could open carry with the permit, but current law allows one to open carry in the home or while on your property or place of business and also at the range or while lawfully hunting. Open carry is prohibited otherwise.
“This whole thing’s open to too much interpretation,” Gardner said.
As opposed to 99 different interpretations we have now, subject to change with each new sheriff's election?

There is still some discretion allowed by sheriffs in the law (SF2379), but you can't let that fact get in the way of a good scare.

Indications from the Iowa Department of Public Safety web site point to some leeway regarding live-fire and fingerprinting now used by some, but not all, counties. That may continue come January.

Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek reveals something about his leanings towards permit holders:
There are currently 408 non-professional permit holders in Johnson County.
We probably have twice that in my township in a county bordering Johnson.
“Any law enforcement officer has to qualify twice a year,” said Pulkrabek.
I bet Bea shot more rounds than the deputies in Johnson county have to in order to "qualify."

It's the scary season, where these guys are screaming that the sky will fall and radio and TV ads blaring out the evil in their campaign opponent.

Distortion, lies and hyperbole.

Iowa candidates on Gun Rights III

5 Days Until the Election - Learn Who Supports Your Gun Rights!

Learn which candidates submitted surveys to Iowa Gun Owners - Next up are contested races in SE Iowa.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Iowa candidates on Guns Rights II

Second installment on the gun rights issue: 6 Days Until the Election - Learn Who Supports Your Gun Rights!

Learn which candidates submitted surveys to Iowa Gun Owners - Next up are contested races in NE Iowa.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Iowa candidates on Guns Rights I

1 Week Until Elections – Learn Who Supports Your Gun Rights

Learn which candidates submitted surveys to Iowa Gun Owners - First up are contested races in NW Iowa.

Chief Justice begs for job

[Iowa Chief Justice Marsha] Ternus and the other justices have said they will not engage in a campaign to retain their seats and they are not raising money to fund such a campaign. But Ternus is speaking around the state in defense of the court, saying opposition to retention based on a single ruling sets a dangerous precedent.

Targeted chief justice speaks out
In an effort to save her job Marsh (Par-tay) Ternus campaigns for her job while telling everyone she isn't campaigning for her job.
“I do not suggest that Iowans cannot vote their minds in the retention election. … I simply suggest that voters reflect on the wisdom of using the retention election as a referendum on a particular court decision,” Ternus said.
I'm voting NO because I always attempt to get every judge out of there. I'm against the idea that judges have a lifetime appointment.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Build your own biometric gun safe

Using some off-the-shelf diagnostic tools, Greg [Gilmour], who lives in Iowa, found the part that sends a signal to the transmitter of the garage door opener. It sends a signal only when a fingerprint is a positive match. That was perfect. The only hiccup was that the reader also sent a pulse when turned on. That pulse would trigger the lock, meaning a thief would simply have to reset the thing to get the valuables. That's no good.
His solution can be found at: DIY Weekend: Trigger finger opens this gun safe

His website: Building Your Own Biometric Safe

The safe in action:

Interesting and useful for those with little kids around, but who still desire to have a loaded handgun ready. If the opening speed could be shortened, it would make this even better.

Islamist history lesson and why they repeat themselves

Alvie recounts some of the suicide bombings that Islamic terrorists perpetrated against the West.
This high degree of tolerance and restraint has been a green light for power junkies in Washington to strip you of property and liberty. After all, if you'll accept withdrawing in the face of the enemy, then you'll surely accept the 1986 Firearms Act, or Ruby Ridge, or Waco, or Kelo, or TSA, or full-body scans, or outlawing the incandescent light bulb, or stealing several trillion dollars through the mortgage and foreclosure mess, or stealing several billion dollars from Chrysler's secured debt holders, or government takeover of student loans, or government takeover of healthcare, or raiding a family farm for the heinous sin of consuming and selling unpastuerized milk and cheese, or taking newborns away from those who hold inconvenient political opinions.

We are at The Cliffs of Insanity. Which way are you facing?
Something to think about.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The answer is... Hyperbole

What do you get from an uninformed "journalist" and a confused and (possibly) power hungry police chief?

New gun-carrying ordinance

Except that it hasn't passed. Because if it did, it would be voided by state law.

But the Ottumwa police chief and the city attorney obviously know better than the laws of the state.

Another statement for the chief:
“As it is now, there is no way of policing it. We could have 50 people show up with hand guns, sitting in a city council meeting and nothing can be done,” said Chief Clark. “The only thing that anyone can do across the state is wait for something deadly to happen. Someone could pull their coat and flash their handgun at city council members as a way to intimidate them, and there’s nothing we can do about it. All we can do is wait for someone to pull a handgun before we can react.”
According to the chief, it's legal to "menace", "threaten" or "intimidate" another person with a weapon.

The officers of Ottumwa will sit on their ass-ends and do nothing?

I never liked being in that town.

Voting is not a right.

It is a duty, it is a responsibility of the citizens of our county.

Allowing non-citizens the ability to vote?

Via Jeffersonian

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Range report: check that barrel

Borepatch has some interesting pictures of what could have been a much more serious incident than ruining a barrel.
New rifle with spendy glass? Check.

Out to the range to sight it in? Check.

Remember to remove the bore sighting device before pressing the LOUD switch? Oops:

Update -
Karl was there! (back in 2006)

Funny thing about the internet: What goes around, goes around again.

Thank you, and I'm glad no one was injured.

Iowa isn't the only state that questions its Supreme Court

Look at Colorado's problems: Fighting the Progressive Takeover of State Courts

Sunday (not so) funnies, 10/24/10

Saturday, October 23, 2010

SF2379 Q & A from the Department of Public Safety

SF 2379 of 2010, Frequently Asked Questions / Answers
(PDF format)

Regarding Administrative Rules of the Iowa Department of Public Safety:
The Iowa Administrative Procedure Act, Chapter 17A of the Code of Iowa, provides for the promulgation of administrative rules by state agencies. Administrative rules amplify, clarify, and implement statutory language found in the Code of Iowa. Administrative rules carry the force of law, and are codified in the Iowa Administrative Code.

The Iowa Administrative Code is organized by issuing agency and each agency has an identifying number to uniquely label its rules. The Iowa Department of Public Safety's identifying number is 661. Consequently, Chapter 121 of the Department's administrative rules can be cited as "661 IAC Chapter 122."
Emphasis mine.

As stated in the first document, the rules have not been released yet.

Friday, October 22, 2010

At the debate, Culver eats Branstad for lunch

Rather, Culver eats Branstad's lunch or maybe Branstad himself.

Doesn't Culver look huge next to Branstad?

More women looking to carry guns

And this is a good thing.
MONTROSE –– The first-ever basic gun safety class for women that Mark Vogel and Dave Hunold expected to teach Sunday turned abruptly into a gun safety/concealed carry certification course.

Ready, aim, fire
As noted by Sam more women are going to class to get their needed instruction for the upcoming change in Iowa's concealed carry law.

A couple of details in the article:
Sholl said the new law won’t require demonstration of proficiency with a firearm, but applicants must pass a written test. The sheriff will have 30 days to grant a permit from the time of application.

The Iowa law honors concealed carry permits from Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Vermont. After the first of the year, Iowa will have reciprocal permit agreements with 30 states, Vogel said.
Reciprocity is a good thing. Too bad one couldn't have one with Illinois or Wisconsin. The last two states that prohibit concealed carry.

Sorry, Sam.

But if someone isn't a resident of Iowa, can they still get an Iowa permit? The bill SF2379

Might be worth looking into.

This guy used to teach school

Carl and Mary Holvik, both retirees from Johnston, were also part of the Culver camp. He formerly taught school in West Des Moines and he is worried Republicans want to allow students to bring guns into public schools.

“I don’t want to give a kid a D if he has a permit and he is carrying heat,” said Holvik,
Hyperbole abounds at A wild scene outside Culver-Branstad debate

It's probably a good thing this "teacher" isn't dishing out his philosophical drivel to the little mush heads of the world.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some of the people I work with

Are kind of like this:

There are no leads. Yep.

That Tom Harkin is at it again

Scaring the poor and widows:
Harkin told reporters on a conference call arranged by the Iowa Democratic Party that personal accounts are the first step in a GOP plan to eliminate the 75-year-old program.

“If Republicans take control of Congress, that’s one of the first things they’ll do,” Harkin said. “They’ll start doing away with Social Security.”

Harkin: GOP-controlled Congress would privatize Social Security
I wish.

Harkin is like a broken record, he replays this tired old argument every election.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Linn county Sheriff, distorts new permit law

Linn County Sheriff, Brian Gardner doesn't know the law. But you be the judge.

According to this KCRG report, Sheriff Brian Gardner gives his "knowledgeable" opinion of the new permit law that will go into effect January 1st:
“We’re going from having some standards, while different, to having no standards whatsoever,” said Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner.
Close, but not quite. There were (still are) 99 standards in Iowa because each sheriff could come up with his/her own criteria and restrictions. That was one of the reasons behind the new law.
“It’s not the concept of the “shall issue” it’s the lack of training session, it’s the lack of discretion from sheriffs whatsoever,” said Gardner.

There is a training requirement for issuing and for renewals. Just ask Bea about the new law. She completed a class conducted by the Washington County Sheriff's department in preparation for the upcoming law. (I guess someone in the Washington County actually read the new law (SF2379).)

There are also provisions in the new law that allows a sheriff's discretion. The only difference is that they will now have to list the reasons - and they need to be valid reasons. Not "because we don't like you."

So what's Gardner's solution? Local ordinances.

There is a state code that bans those in this case, but it wouldn't surprise me if they don't pass something and then the courts end up deciding.

You know, the final and best arbiters of our Constitutional rights.

West Burlington is facing a lawsuit from the NRA over their bans, and now Ottumwa is considering a ban, but from the comments on this article, Ottumwa may be backing down. But consider the anti-gun comments from Ottumwa's police chief, Jim Clark:
“It is expected that a large number of people will be acquiring concealed weapon permits in Wapello County, including a number of people who should not be allowed to do so."
I guess Chief Clark knows who should and shouldn't be "allowed" to have a firearm.

There's always that "I support the Second Amendment, but..." moment:
Sheriff Gardner says he’s not against giving out gun permits. This year, he’s only denied 35 permits and approved more than 1,300. Gardner says he asked every legislator to revise the law before it goes into effect on January 1st.
This reiterates my opinion that when you take power away from someone, they will always try to take it back.

Many other sheriff's around the state don't like the new law and from what I've found, only two actually supported it. Here's a few who don't like SF2379.

These LEO's don't think people should be "allowed" to have a firearm or have to justify themselves to carry one. That's how much they think of the citizenry.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Third District candidates spar

Boswell, Zaun race gets hot in IPTV interview

Boswell, Zaun offer stark contrast

Dems will win - so says Ed Rendell

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said Saturday he believes voters will side with Democrats in the coming election when they look at the choices and realize their opponents aren't offering viable alternatives and, in some cases, are "complete wackos."
As opposed to these two?

And a money quote from First District Congressman:
U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Waterloo, who is seeking re-election in Iowa's 1st congressional district, refuted claims this will be a down year for Democrats, saying "in 2006, we gave them hope, in 2008, we gave them change, and in 2010, we're going to give them hell.
Uh, huh.