Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A day with Number 1 son

Number One Son and I spent a few hours last Sunday at Camp Stranded. We walked the area and discussed my plans for spring planting, pointed out trees that I cut and need to cut this fall, and spent some time plinking.

The cans didn't stand a chance:

To change things up a bit, I shot at the weeds and small willow saplings that was in the field of my limited range. I was doing okay with the old 10/22 that I bought at a DNR auction years ago. The old Ruger Automatic Pistol needed a few rounds through it and the CZ 82 is my carry gun and I sure could use the practice.

I would not have traded those couple of hours it took for us to shoot a brick of 22 and a box of 9mm MAK for anything else. However, I would trade a day's pay for another afternoon like that.

After a cold snap starting today, next weekend looks to be in the upper 50's. Maybe it's Number Two Son's turn for some range time...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Senate Candidate forum

Iowa will be selecting a new senator next year with Tom Harkin's retirement after way too many years in office.

This is an opportunity to check out the Republican declared candidates and everyone can offer up questions for them.

Submit your questions here.