Monday, February 11, 2013

Register Poll: Iowans don't want more gun laws

They have a different headline.

The poll results state only 33% of Iowans want stricter laws, but at the same time want new laws to restrict magazine size and background checks for all gun sales.

How does that work out?

If people can be confused (or manipulated) into giving such differing answers, should this be a good method to affect laws that restrict citizens?

I'm trying to figure out why rights should be limited based on the opinions of my neighbors.

The city of Mt Vernon has a discussion about guns.

Cedar Rapids Police Department Veteran of 30 years Mark Risse, said it’s sick that we expect teachers to fight with scissors and baseball bats. He said if teachers want to be taught about firearms, it should be made readily available. Joel Foreman, Director of Praise Worship at Solon High School said there are teachers out there that want to be trained on firearms.
The city of Mt Vernon has a discussion about guns.

The "prohibition" of firearms in schools will need to be changed as well, otherwise those trained teachers' guns would have to be left at home.

On Sunday morning, this was broadcast over the air and unfortunately the TV9 signal goes bad for me during rain.  Let's hope this got a wider audience.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gun transfer bill introduced last Thursday

House File 164
The bill prohibits a person from selling or transferring a firearm to another person without receiving verification from a federally licensed firearms dealer that information on the prospective purchaser or transferee has been submitted to the department of public safety for a criminal history background check and that a determination has been received by the department of public safety that the prospective purchaser or transferee is not prohibited under either state or federal law from possessing a firearm. A criminal history background check under the bill includes an inquiry  of the national instant criminal background check system maintained by the federal bureau of investigation.
Penalty of two years if you give or sell a firearm to another without the buyer going through a background check.

And don't think about passing down a family heirloom - no free passes for that.

Heads up from Iowa Gun Owners

Another bill introduced on Thursday:

House File 163

A bill banning magazines or "similar devices" that can hold greater than 10 rounds. And another two year prison sentence for the seller. It won't outlaw possession (yet) and it doesn't penalize purchasers. What if one orders a few mags from an out of state seller. This bill doesn't address that, so it would seem we would be able to buy them from sellers outside of Iowa legally. Maybe...

We have to keep alert on the cesspool that is in Des Moines although a couple of positive bills have been introduced the past few days as well.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Iowa Legislative update, 2/6/13

HouseFile57 A reasonable force\stand your ground bill
The Senate version:  Senate File 96

A Bill to eliminate a permit to purchase a handgun and change it to a permit to purchase any firearm. It would be optional to use for acquiring firearms from an FFL dealer. A cursory reading gives the impression that no permits needed for private sales (even for handguns). House File 73 
House File 81. This would make carry permit information confidential. One thing I would like added is a penalty for making that information public. We should hold people who release that information accountable, both the public servant and the publisher.
House Joint Resolution 6: A Constitutional Amendment for the right to keep and bear arms
No "assault" weapon bans or some such nonsense have been introduced this year (so far). But a couple of other bills have caught my interest that require a bit more research.
Iowan's, contact your legislators regarding these bills and express your thoughts.