Thursday, December 24, 2009

John Rumley kicks ass

I've known John for a number of years and when I heard this story, I couldn't believe it was about the man I know. John, vice-president of a bank in Burlington, IA, was paying attention to his environment. He recognized a potentially armed robber outside his bank and reacted.

John isn't a big guy. He is a very quiet and easy-going man.
Rumley, 63, testified Tuesday of seeing a man walking on the side of the bank and covering his head with a towel. Acting on sheer instinct, the bank executive rushed to lock the outside door. However, in order for the locking mechanism to engage, someone needed to open it before locking it.

Before he had the chance, Rumley said Johnson confronted and pushed him. An altercation between the two started, which alerted others inside the building, including Steve Francis, another vice president, and Michael Perry, a bank customer, who both went to Rumley's aid.
I posted about the original article Armed man stops armed robbery but it gave no details on those involved.
"Mr. Rumley was excited that day, whether he admits it or not," [defense attorney] Liles told the jury. "It was Rumley who touched the defendant first. My client was defending himself after Rumley attacked him."
Anyone who knows John would never say he gets "excited". If he touched anyone, it was for an honest handshake.
[County prosecutor] Taylor said if not for Rumley's quick thinking, the bank would have been robbed that day. She said if Johnson's "getting change story" was true, he should have told officers at the scene the whole thing was just a misunderstanding.

"He just did not expect John Rumley," Taylor said.
I now look at John differently. I need a t-shirt with "He just did not expect John Rumley" printed on it.

One man recognized a potential threat and reacted. John wasn't carrying a weapon to defend himself that day, but his quick actions prevented some bum from getting in and robbing the bank. I'm glad it turned out the way it did.

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