Monday, December 14, 2009

Jeff Knox on upcoming firearm legislation

David Codrea at his Examiner site Competing concealed carry bills in Iowa divide gun owners gives us a heads-up from the Jeff Knox report NRA Pushing Bad Bill in Iowa

I spoke with Aaron Dorr, Executive Director of Iowa Gun Owners a month ago and he gives me the impression of a no-nonsense kind of guy.

I also spoke with a rep from Iowa Carry and when I asked if they would support an Alaska/Vermont carry bill and he replied that "officially" - no.

IGO has an analysis of the competing bills Analysis of Bills for 2009

Update: I originally titled this "Neal Knox..." Don't know why.


straightarrow said...

If you have even a glimmer of what's in your best interest you will do whatever is necessary to get rid of the NRA reps. Hell, drug them and put them in bed with a live boy and take pictures. Put them in a round room and tell them to stand in the corner. Or ask them for the definition of "principle" and watch their heads explode.

Options two and three are probably the ones to go with. They will be very effective. Option one will only cause them to remember all the other times they have been in bed with the wrong people. Too much experience at lying out of it to have much chance of success.

strandediniowa said...

I had a conversation a few years ago, with a staunch NRA guy.

He said they had to compromise in order to get things done. I asked what had they accomplished in the last 50 years. His reply was that it would have been worse.

Logic and reason was not with this guy.